Younger Xarcasen

I finally spawned in a world I was happy with. Pink peaks, water, some abandoned ruins… with what looked like a perfect spot for a fire pit.

The hole is 3 by 3, the visible size of the fire pit. Unfortunately, as I learned when trying to place it, the fire pit has an actual boundary box of 5 by 5 for placing.

… it just doesn’t look as good to me with the old stone removed :cry: but I guess it’ll do.

I got the randomly generated name Elder Xarcasen after clicking a bunch, decided that was the name of the abandoned town, and decided to rename this one appropriately.

Then I did the thing I normally do where I roleplay as one of the characters to get a different perspective and enjoy my town more. Except it got a bit out of hand this time.

Feastmun, 5-6.

From the journal of


:book: 5 / :heart: 3 / :latin_cross: 3

So what happened to old Xarcasen, as it was apparently called? By the look of things, the well went dry, and the farms went to sand. But it’s near an oasis. They left entire bales of wheat behind, which have been preserved by the dry desert air. But the buildings have utterly collapsed. Maybe there was a bad sandstorm, or perhaps something more sinister was at play.

But we could do right by them, and found the thriving Xarcasen they never could, and fight whatever evil might come to take it. Perhaps the scholars back home would be interested in what we could dig up here, too - not much is known about the dark times.

So we stayed the night and set up camp.

With everything we’ve learned since the dark times, I should be able to get farms running here nicely.

From the journal of


:book: 3 / :heart: 2 / :latin_cross: 6

Whole lotta cowards that first night. Most muttering about whatever might’ve happened to Xarcasen, begging someone else to keep watch. Uliar Aibah volunteered, but I talked him out of keeping the job - he’s weaker than I am. Siyer Ummaya was the strongest of us, but he said some nonsense about cool hats and Leadership let him stay a trapper.

My sister became a potter. She used to be almost as good with a sword as I was, really. But she was always better at craftwork. Too smart for her own good, really. Well, now we’re here.

Camp was barely made by morning. And stonelings showed up. I held my own against them, though! Maybe it’s not so dangerous here after all.

Leadership mumbled something about nice sound effects but that they still wished the combat music wasn’t so repetitive. No clue what that means. I don’t listen to leadership much anyway.

But I was scratched. Uliar noticed and referred me to his sister, who just arrived.

From the journal of


:book: 2 / :heart: 4 / :latin_cross: 3


(especially after that last scrape in town…)

Pretty big bugs here. Trapping’s way better than anything back home. Maybe being banished wasn’t so bad.

From the journal of


:book: 6 / :heart: 2 / :latin_cross: 3

Everybody here’s been nice so far, far nicer than the guilds back home. I’m glad to be back crafting again. Though I do question why Leadership had us build clay brick tents. That sort of defeats the entire purpose of tents. But no one else has complained so far, so I guess I’ll keep that to myself.

Mooi and I wanted to avoid messing with the ruins until everything’s set up to rebuild, so we started a quarry in the hillside. Most of it’s hidden underground. I hope it’s not too cramped.

I’ll handle the digging myself when we’re searching the ruins for artifacts, though. I don’t trust half of this group with anything that fragile.

But so far, my sister and I have been happy here. We talked briefly in the morning before hostiles arrived.

From the journal of


:book: 3 / :heart: 1 / :latin_cross: 5

Of course I kept watch the first night. They hadn’t gotten a fifth tent up before nightfall!

I could have shared, I guess, but single beds and no floor space? No way! Besides, I couldn’t sleep anyway. No reason to let anybody else take my place, either. Like that Raina tried to.

She’s right that I’m no good with a sword, though. That hurts. But I’m a decent shot with a bow. I can’t believe we set out without one. And without nearly enough food! Prickly pears aren’t that filling. Mooi better get some crops going soon.

…Just got a craving for steak. Ha. If only cows could survive here…

Mooi claims one building was a bakery and the wheat’s still good for when she’s got it running again. But it’s been in the desert a while. I don’t want a sandwich. Ha.

I spent the day mining.

Oh, and my sister arrived in the morning. Nice to see her, but it’s yet another tent to build. And Makkah keeps complaining that the tents require cloth on the poles so she can’t finish them. Isn’t that the point? Weird group here, for sure.

From the journal of


:book: 6 / :heart: 2 / :latin_cross: 3

My brother has a habit of making trouble, so I decided I ought to tag along on his latest adventure for his own good. And any new town could always use a herbalist. My caravan was stuck in the desert for longer than expected, though, so I showed up later.

I haven’t seen him in ages. Maybe leaving the desert entirely after the latest mishap was too far, but I’m glad to be back. I will miss the rain, though.

They’ve almost finished setting up camp. Uliar keeps complaining to me about how long it’s taken.

I collected some of the native flowers and started making my workshop. In the big cities, you don’t have to gather your own plants anymore. I’m going to have to relearn a lot.


The whole portrait thing looks way too nice in my opinion to give up, but recurring characters will get a shorter summary now so I don’t have to take new pictures every time. Hopefully it’s easier on everybody else, too.

Feastmun, 7.

From the journal of

image [Lv 1 Herbalist]

Liran Maeh was an old friend of mine from the academy. We’d even traveled north together after the trouble in town. It had been a while, but I’d sent her a message when I’d left for Xarcasen. Today she showed up. It was a happy greeting, but she was soon off to learn a job.

I placed my desk near the town stockpile, and I spent the rest of the day bringing in my materials. I’m going to ask Leadership about a dedicated medical tent here soon.

From the journal of


:open_book: 5 / :heart: 1 / :latin_cross: 2

When I arrived at Xarcasen there were six settled in, in six tents. Seemed like poor planning to me. Among them were my old friend Marana, and her good-for-nothing brother Uliar.

I inquired on the state of the dig. Several of them had no clue what I was talking about, but in the end I was led to one Makka Djanni, town potter. She informed me that the project had need of a mason. I took up her offer of an apprenticeship - she had some notion that I must learn to work with clay before I could learn to work with stone.

Later that day, they started clearing ground for another tent. I asked Ms. Djanni why they had to clear the ground and place stone undernearth, but she just mumbled something about leadership being dumb.

From the journal of

image [Lv 1 Footman]

Maybe I was wrong about Siyer. Had a great talk today. Does seem he’s trapping well. Can’t wait for real meat though. Ugh, I’m sounding like Uliar. But he does have a point.

Goblins invaded camp today.

I sounded the alarm, tried to get everybody to run. But our fools wouldn’t stay back. Too smart for their own good, I say.

For some reason the goblin picked up a rock in the confusion and ran off with it. Wouldn’t fight me directly. But I caught up by the time he put it down.

My wounds are actually doing better, even after a more serious battle. Marana must know what she’s talking about. But we need more of an army. Siyer’s far too useful trapping. New arrivals are even bigger cowards. I guess that leaves Uliar.

Once we can get another training sword.

From the journal of

image [Lv 3 Potter]

Liran Maeh joined the town today. Another traveler pining for rain, it seems. Not sure why we’re getting so many, but at least she seems interested in the research planned here.

Leadership’s complaining we need a mason, but I’d rather be a potter. So I decided to put down my cutter for the time being, train the newbie in pottery first, let her move on to stonecutting later. I’m sure the guild wouldn’t be happy with me taking an apprentice, but no city, no guild telling me what to do - sweet freedom! I do hope I can get back to work soon, though. This is getting boring.

But I’m not complaining much, even if we’ve reached the point where everyone else is. Like my sister.

I bravely defended our workshop from the goblin menace - Mooi ran to help - and Raina kept yelling at me to get out of the way.

I’ve been helping Uliar with the quarrying. Everyone else is too focused on building the tents, but we need more clay for Liran to learn the craft. And more clay to build the tents. It’s a vicious cycle, and I can’t wait until we’re established enough to have moved past that into much more efficient actual buildings.


Tools, tools, tools. They’re what cities are built with. And we don’t have nearly enough.

Not enough to defend ourselves well, not enough to feed ourselves well. Uliar keeps bugging me about that last point and it’s starting to get on my nerves. I want to break the earth and begin farming so badly myself, but one thing at a time. I can hardly till soil without a hoe. (Uliar keeps joking about that word, too.)


That’s what our trapper Siyer said last time Uliar asked about when there’d be real meat. There’s been some sort of standoff ever since. (I’m really not sure why. Uliar has no problem downing every portion of bug meat he can get his hands on.)

But what use is real meat without a cook? Siyer claims he’ll learn to make jerky, but even I want more proper food than that. Sure, Makkah assures me that Liran’s making great progress towards becoming a mason - we already have a hammer and chisel waiting - and then we can get stoneware, but there can’t be cooking without farming.

One thing at a time.

Leadership left me more or less in control of the colony, but it’s a weak control, and I don’t know if I can keep it. Most people aren’t taking me seriously. Maybe I need to tone down my manner of speaking. I think at this point, Makkah remains the only person whom it was not mentioned by, but she’s probably just trying to be nice.

Speaking of her, we planned the mining needed to pipe the oasis’s water into the well. That should pave the way for further irrigation nicely.