The log of Obsidian

Day 1: We have just arrived at our new home the land is hot,humid and dry.Trees are scarce and water is rare.My fellow citizens are Annabelle, Valkyrie, Harran, Holly, Dalphine, Thomas and myself Obsidian.
We all lived in the same village in the homelands.We had been plotting for years this trip scraping as much money as we could to buy passage out and to a land we could make our own.

Though when we started we where going to lush forests not dry deserts but we have no more supplies to travel on and we are lost. we found a lovely spot near some water.The mountains and water mean if we are attacked we there is only 2 places they can come from


We are calling the town Obsidia after my late mother who passed away getting here. Valkyrie has become the trapper and myself the carpenter.
Harren and Annabelle have decided to become our footmen.
It soon will be morning and i need my sleep for tomorrow we begin constructing the Red Gate


Day 2: Who knew that fruits from cactus would have spikes!. Anyway we have made progress in our town. We cleared the area( not that there was much to clear) Of cactus and trees. We moved cactus that make herbs and fruits closer to town so we have at least a way of getting food.We started a mine in the mountain near by and are getting ores,coal and stone.

we started construction on the red gate as well as got some beds out.
In the morning we also got attacked by some hunks of stone if it is to be believed. Thou our footmen took care of them but i am not sure there is something else coming i have a feeling in my gut about it. Nah probably my stomach telling me to eat whats for dinner! Oh cactus fruit my favorite.


I always enjoy seeing a good Ascendancy-in-the-desert run. And a good story along with screenshots. And you have both!

For extra “fun” with a desert Ascendancy, ration yourself on how many trees you grow when you unlock that because “the soil’s so poor”. Otherwise, I’ve found it can get quite easy once all your trees have grown - though this was before they added more combat and made crops unlockable.

(made a new game and will base the story under this game from now enjoy)

Deepmun day 1:
Today is the first day of Deepmun and the first day of our adventure i departed our previous

they all decided to flee from the homeland with me after the invasion.I seemed to have gotten lost because we are in a hot,dry desert and not in the lush, woodlands i promised but being lost and having no more strength(and food) we have decided to live here
we plan to build walls to block unwanted bunnies from getting to this side. Today we have begun clearing the area. A traveler came today with some food for us, it is good to know that we aren’t that isolated. It is beginning to dark and i must get back to work.

Deepmun day 2:

My back still aches from the hard earth i had to sleep on last night good thing we just started construction on shared sleeping quarters even if it is a wood bed better then dirt…

anyway i was promoted to carpenter(obviously) and we where attacked by stone creatures. At the beginning we thought they where just hunks of stone until these emerald eyes flicked open at the start there eyes showed confusion then fright then hatred, legs burst out of the stone and a few more began to do the same our footman Tom fought then off, it would of been faster if he had been something other then a wooden swood but what can you do.
Our food stocks have begun to wither and the only food we have found is these cactus with fruit after you get rid of the spikes and taste buds you can barely eat it. At least now we have a farmer but the only thing they can grow are carrots they say the “soil is too poor”(@coasterspaul) but anyway we haven’t seen any rabbits yet and hopefully we won’t.

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Deepmun day 3:
Another day of work another day in this desert sun. More of those emerald green eyed stone monsters came back attacking us like we did something to them, i wounder where they came from and if someone sent them i have heard stories about the person who could bring stone to life but never believed. Food is getting low soon we will have to eat the dirt below us and i bet it would taste better then these cactus fruits.

the carrots have started to grow which is good i gather that by tomorrow we will be eating them but i don’t know. Wood is starting to be a pain for there is little in this place.Most of the wood is being used for the construction of the sleeping quarters and the that leaves not much for me. Hopefully a trader will come through with some wood but better to find some here then wait for the merchants to come.

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