Homew, Our Home on the Water

Hi! First time posting in the forums, and I thought I’d kick off with the settlement I’ve been working on most recently. It’s coming along slowly, but I hope it’ll end up as I envisioned when I started. Any suggestions to help the aesthetics are are most welcome!

Current Homew:

I’ll be building onto the main base with differently sized modules, probably 3 to a side. I’m keeping the main base building-free for now, because if I run out of space, then a second level will be built!


thats a really interesting idea for a settlement, I know it might not make sense with the rest of the biome but I think mabye trying to make it like a tropical village sort of deal. like seeing that floating hut actually made me think of Killika from FFX/X-2 so mabye that could be a cool asthestic to go with, with the interlocking warfs and like overhead bridges and balconies


Thank you! I definitely had something similar to that in mind when I first started, hopefully it’ll look half as cool as the picture! If only we could plant trees in planters instead of just dirt, eh?

Well the saplings you get from farming can be ploped pretty much anywhere you want as far as ive been able to tell aslong as there is enough room you just have to rember they will all grow to old oak size which I think is like a 7x7 square base

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i Like the idea for the settlement tryed it my self but that did not work out

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Verry cute home :smiley: need a few more building :smiley:

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I did not know that! 7x7 is a bit big, but I have an idea to use them nonetheless. I got the Weaver’s hut done now!

They Haven’t Quite Finished The Furnishings Yet:

After it’s furnished, I’ll post some more pictures, maybe even of the cozy insides as well! If I can get a good enough shot

Also thanks for the love Redstarr and Danish! I’ll do my best to impress


really liking the look of this place so far, keep up the good work!

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Hey thanks! No pictures today :confused:

I had to load an earlier save because I was foolish and tried editing the already existing bridge to include a “Big Ol’ Door ™” gateway to keep out those pesky Goblin Wolves.Long story short, there was no longer a bridge connecting Homew to the mainland, and many, many people died due to being stranded outside with no way home.

SO, today was just me waiting for the Hearthlings to re-complete the Weaver’s Hut, WITHOUT adding any “Bridge-Breaking Doors ™”.

Tomorrow, I promise there will be Trees! As well as another Hut!

Hey guys! Sorry to say, Homew will have to be released to the aether until a later time.

Somehow I’ve reached a point where the Hearthlings are refusing to place any furniture. Which is a problem because I stole all their beds to make them comfier.

I’m sure I did something wrong and confused them, but I figured there wouldn’t be much of a point to keep building modules if they wouldn’t be functioning (IE The Weaver’s Hut currently doesn’t have any of the Weaver’s workshop items, nor will any Hearthlings move them.

SO, Homew is out for now. I’ll start on a new version after a few more updates (Beta maybe?) I do have an idea for another settlement though!

And, I’ll leave you with this lovely picture, which is physical evidence of Homews and Goblins actually being able to play along:

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