Thoughts on R-806 #2 Amnaa edition

Hey everyone!

These are some thoughts or things I had encountered while playing the game again after a long time. I finally got to tier 2! :jubilant:

Welcome to Titlipunku! A dessert settlement built by an expedition of Rayya’s children. We have 17 struggling inhabitants, ferocious goblins as neighbours, no mods, multiple engine errors and forced UI reboots and two crashes to the desktop! :jubilant: If you for some reason want to visit us, you can do so: Titlipunku.rar (6.0 MB)

  • Getting the exotic goods for RC has proven to be nearly impossible. No traders with the needed flowers came along and the stalls didn’t draw any useful merchants. I managed to get brightbells and frostsnap and a sunflower in the end, but no foxlily at all.
  • I felt pushed by the game to create the trading goods monument, since I had good enough crafters already.
  • I did find a dusty tome but nobody wanted to go out and loot it… It was marked and accessible.
  • After I had bought a few rare flowers I got terrified of making an herbalist staff even though I needed one. In the end I used an input container filled with cacti flowers to attract the crafter.
  • Emptying a filled input container did for some reason not work for me. I wanted to repurpose a shelf but I couldn’t get them to remove the stone that was on it.
  • I used supply baskets for constructing houses and I would like them to hold bricks as well.
  • A grown acacia tree has a weird footprint as seen in this picture and a diagram below:V%C3%BDst%C5%99i%C5%BEek
  • image
    “S” is where the seed was planted; the grid is how the tree covers ground; the green color is space taken by the tree aka where I was unable to place anything else.
  • At 15 people, heathlings would idle for minutes while only a few actually thought of things to do - best example was building a house - if paused and unpaused everybody would dart out to do something. After this one action had been performed, everyone at the construction site threw their bricks on the ground and idled.
  • One of my footmen declined my orders for attack… because he was waiting for a conversation… :jubilant:
  • Apprentice footmen would walk around town hauling items and idling instead of patrolling. After getting to level 1 they would patrol as expected.
  • I’m a big fan of the new “fine items” crafting! I only have one observation - let’s say I’m building a house with 6 windows. The potter is done crafting and the house is still waiting for windows. Oh I see, the potter had made one normal window and 5 windows that are awesome, so they won’t use those.
  • I think that the picture for the purple wax plant is weird in the herbalist’s crafting tab, it seems to be a smaller image of the green wax plant.
  • Even when the game was struggling to keep my hearthlings thinking and occupied, the RAM and CPU were both happily sitting at around 85% usage. I would think the game is slow because of hardware issues… it would seem that’s not it.

Phew! Thanks for reading! :merry: