[130] is really nice!

So I played a bit this weekend, and I have to say that Release 130 is pretty good. I had about 5 crash to desktop issues and the morning Wall-o-test errors but otherwise the game ran really well.

Have to second my thoughts about how well crafting starts and stops and echo two others comments that we should be able to see when the crafter is out of supplies and that crafters jump to the next task if they can’t complete the current one. They would need to put the current goods back if they had any on a bench.

What I liked:
I liked being attacked by Goblins. I liked the parry back and forth. I want bigger stuff to attack (but not until I have some way to people up my village).

What I didn’t like:

  • I didn’t like that there is no way to rescue a lost villager. I cannot direct villagers or troops out to their rescue and a stranded person is doomed if attacked by goblins. One on one they might survive if you see them and manage the “rally” well.
  • The amount of content is really low. After a few games once you have an established base and you time your defense well I don’t see how you can lose and there is nothing left to do or build. You don’t want to spread out because that makes your defense weak.
  • There is no way to direct an attack - this is a purely defense game.
  • No auto upgrading of beds or chairs.
  • I want to see the caravan come by. People walk up to my village - talk to somebody - and walk away. Messages are too dry.

If it were not for the dislikes and there was something to do (after getting an established base) I would say this game is ready for early alpha. But I think it is not. I think it needs (before early access):

  • a way to attack.
  • More mods.
  • Deeper game than just the goblins (fun as the cute little guys are).
  • A reason to build buildings and defenses (goblins should have to break down the gate).
  • Archers.

Still I had a great time this weekend!!


can i throw the fact and idea they had? so the fact is this is a town sim not an rts fighting game and yes you can lose its just a series of step must be done in order to lose. also if a ciziten is stranded then you need them to starting making something at home base or the goblins will get him.
ok here is the series of steps to lose if you cant lose via goblin attack.

  1. goblins manage to kill your carpenters and farmers

  2. farmers were only supply of food (ill make a other one for if you had berrys)

  3. citizens starve to death

  4. people join your village that are non farmers and carpenter

  5. people eat all of your food

  6. people die of starvation

  7. repeat
    so you dont lose its just you dont win either

A few things to say about both of your posts:

Ramcat - I know there isn’t much to do yet in the game, and that it lacks features, but you do need to remember, the game is not even in it’s 5th Alpha release. It’s not a complete game yet. However, Radiant has said they will be adding more content faster now, so expect more things a bit quicker, you just need to have patience, they will get there eventually :smile:

blackArcher52 - I understand your point, you don’t want to lose, but fact is, I highly doubt that after you have set your town up and established a home properly that you would run out of food. If you did run out of food, you shouldn’t be losing a file you’ve been working on for days or weeks. If you run out of food usually it happens during an early stage in your town. So I don’t think it’s entirely necessary to have people join your town because it’s failed (Workers don’t join unless it meets their standards, why would they join a dead town?)

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[quote=“blackArcher52, post:2, topic:7330”]
…this is a town sim not an rts fighting game[/quote]

Actually, there is planned to be a lot of fighting in this game, from the very start. On the Kickstarter page you’ll see that Player vs Player city raids was a stretch goal that was easily reached. You’re supposed to be able to initiate combat with the inhabitants of the game and the Game Master adjust the game accordingly.

In the current game, the goblins start attacking you, but you have no way to sally out to them. During the Kickstarter we were promised a lot more control in combat, I’m just pointing out that this part of the game has a long way to go, especially in the context of early access on Steam.

I’m not being impatient, I’ve been around since the early days and tested every version. Quite the opposite I’m pointing out how much progress they’ve made that I could play a bit this weekend and have a weekend full of fun. Past versions were not that rich or error free.

A further comment though, I think a “rally” at the campfire would be a good feature to solve some of the current issues. Next to the “rally” button, should be a “campfire” button, so you can call in all your villagers for defense. That would allow you to spread out during the early part of the game without the current side effect of weakening your defense. You could build more/larger towns and still have the same defense value you have now (clustering all your workers in one place and hitting “rally”). It also solves the “lost villager under attack from goblins” problem, as you give them somewhere to run in their panic.