The love for this game

First of all, let it be known that i have played for like 31 hours this weekend. and it is crashes like every 10 min! But I survived. saved like a crazy man, Here are some of my Suggestions anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

1: Some kind of fort or barracks, where you can choose what gear you footman shal have, dont realy like the idea of them auto uppgrading. Maybe some armorstands or weapon racks that you can hang on the wallls.

2.Patrol waypoints or a way to unlock and lock what places are going to be patroled, made a maze out of streets and flower farms, was beautiful , but there was many small farming plots, so while the goblins where attacking on one side of town, my great and powerfull army where rolling in the roses and having a ball of a time.

  1. Plant grass, hate that the grass is removed after a goblin camp is made…

  2. Assign beds, If i tell the game that this bed is Eriks bed, then it is eriks bed. and angelica is not going to sleep in it :stuck_out_tongue:

  3. Walls :smiley:

Love the game, cant wait for final realese :blush:


The point of auto upgrading is to remove the micromanagement from the game making it possible to play it as an RTS without needing to rely on being insanely fast with your mouse.

There is a quite big discussion about that here:

Also welcome aboard @magnus_dalemark feel free to introduce yourself here:

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Ah thanks man :smiley:

Yeah but some like the micromanagement :stuck_out_tongue: not that hard to have it both ways.

Else by the time here is a great advice:

The Hearthlings will always choose the highest damaging weapon, but they like the spear better than anything else. (So don’t make it)

Cant make the spear :stuck_out_tongue: the game crashes if i try to mine :stuck_out_tongue:

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What if Erik wants her too? :wink:

But the micromanage part of who has what, I think would be nice, and could be implemented through the character sheet. It already shows us what they’re holding, why couldn’t we choose what they do hold?

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So true, so true! I instantly make a ‘party’ and add everyone to it. First sign of trouble, I plant that flag and get everyone in one spot. Then attack.

I 100% agree, though, we need to be able to assign patrol paths. Why would I want my footmen patrolling deep inside a mountain on the second tier where I’ve been mining and storing stone when I have a barracks wall built and the Goblins are out front? I’m sure this will come.


Indeed that would be so smart :smiley:

Add Kinge Size Bed :wink:

No need for bigger beds since from what I’ve understood they don’t plan to have reproduction or anything… So why do they need beds for 2

I would sleep better at night, knowing my heartlings got someone to spoon :stuck_out_tongue:

hey there, new to the community. Love this game and I apologize if my post is in the wrong place.
I having trouble getting my villagers ro finish building houses.
it happens more often with custom building(which I keep simple, trying to avoid confusing them), they seem to always get stuck or stop building at the roof phase of the structure.

I’m 99% certain I have all the materials I need for the finish, I’ve tried every NOOB solution I can think of and theystill seem to just stand there.

They also refuse to remove the building as well.

can any one help me and what can I do to be a helpful part of the community. I love this game and want to encourage the developers to kepp making great games like this one.