Logbook for "Create a world in 80 days!"

Hi guys! This competition is live!

In this thread i’m going to write a day-to-day logbook (if i can get the city going for 80 days).

We can use mods, so i’ll be using Tuhalu’s Column mod and my own Buildable Fireplace mod.

First day will be live in a moment :smile:



Just a quick overview!
I’ll keep this updated:

Fort Khordaldrum:

  • Name - Mind/Body/Spirit - Proffesion - Arrival day - (Death day)
  • Runah Foehammer - 5/4/3 - Footman - Day 1
  • Embza Steelarm - 4/4/6 - Footman - Day 1
  • Nili Fireheart - 4/6/3 - Blacksmith - Day 1
  • Bethta Hammerbeard - 2/1/5 - Mason - Day 1
  • Dalak Irondigger - 2/4/3 - Farmer - Day 1
  • Marma Dragonkiller - 1/4/3 - Worker - Day 1
  • Tefta Bronzehair - 5/1/6 - Carpenter - Day 1
  • Gloin Blueshadow - 1/6/2 - Worker - Day 5
  • Lura Trollclub - 1/3/2 - Worker - Day 7 - Day 22
  • Bran Rockdig - 5/1/3 - Worker - Day 18
  • Dwalrak Trollaxe 1/6/6 - Worker - Day 23
  • Vonin Granitedig 6/6/3 - Worker Day 25


The brave settlers had arrived at the mountain Khordal and decided to make a camp for the evening.
It wasn’t the optimal camp place. No berries or water, and hard to defend. But they decided to get the campfire going anyways.
Embza Steelarm, the leader of the settlers had a good feeling about this place, and she thought this was going to be a legendary place for her people to settle.

Day 1:

The settlers digged a whole in the mountain side and took their beds inside. A good night’s sleep would be nice.
Dalak Irondigger had begun farming the area outside the hole, with a hoe Tefta Bronzehair made her, so they could get some food the next day. A little scouting party did also find some berries far away, and got some of them back to the camp.

Everything was nice and silent.

Day 2:

After a long night’s sleep, the settlers wake up to a new day of adventure. They decided to stay longer at mount Khordal, and make some defensive structures. And so the building began!
Tefta Bronzehair was the architect behind the gatehouse, and together with Nili, Behta, Marma and Runah she started building it. Before the day was over they build the ground plan, and started on the walls.

Day 3:

The work continued on the gatehouse, but suddently, Nili spotted a goblin trying to sneak into the camp!
He called Embza, who came running with her sword drawn. Before the scout could get back to his camp he was dead.
The citizens thought they were safe, but in the evening 3 goblin warriors came into town! Embza hurried out, ready to defend her people, and singlehandedly, she drew the goblins back.

Day 4:

The builders where running out of stone! Luckily they where right besides a mountain (duuh!..), so it didn’t take long for the workers to gathere some more. The Gatehouse where almost finished, and they where sure they could start building the walls the next day.
At nighttime Embza spotted a zombie! She was terrified, but she had to find courage to protect the settlers!

Day 5:

At the dawn of the fifth day, a new guy entered the camp. His name was Gloin Blueshadow. He joined the workers, so now, even more hands could help at the gatehouse.
The last bricks was layn down, and the last touch was the ladders to the two towers.
While Tefta and Gloin was taking down the scafolding, the camp was once again attacked by undead! Embza once again showed that she was the natural hero.
When the sixth day dawned, the gatehouse stood tall and glorious.

Day 6:

The day dawned in bright colours and sunlight. The brave settlers began building the wall, so the defence would be complete, but they were out of stone (again). Luckily, at the middle of the day, a trader arrived. They sold some of their furniture, and bought one houndred boulders.
With the newly accuired stone, the people could build the walls they dreamed about. They worked all day long, and they didn’t need anything but stairs and the roof when it happened.
A horde of undead came and attacked the city. This was more than Embza Steelarm could handle, so she called her trusted friend Runah Foehammer. Together they slayed all the undead, and the settlement of Khordaldrum was safe once more.

Day 7:

With the scary events last night, most citizend had trouble sleeping. They heard heavy breathing outside their not-yet finished wall, and footsteps in the leaves. Embza insured the others that they didn’t have to worry, and it that it probably was just a squrriel or something like that.
The people wemt back to sleep, hoping to survive the night.
When dawn arrived, they sneaked up in one of the towers. At first they couldn’t see anything, but then Betha Hammerbeard spotted a person right at their frontdoor.
Embza went down to her, and introduced herself.
Their nightguest turned out to be a woman called Lura Trollclub, and she wanted to join the settlement.
The Khordaldrish people disgussed whether or not she could join, but they decided they needed more hands.

With a new worker in the settlement, they finished the wall in no time, and they could now start on digging in to the sides of mount Khordal.

Day 8-20:

(Mining takes a looooong time)
It took over a week before they were done with the rough out caving. While attacked by goblins and undead the proud people of Mount Khordal digged their way into history. The throne room is still one of the largest structures today, and it was the pinnacle of building technology at that time.
Even today, it is unknown how that civilization could dig vertically upwards without having any other holes.

At day 17, Nili Fireheart created his anvil, and he started to create better weapons and armor for the soldiers. He also refined the gold and thus began the treasure of Khordaldrum, which attracted lots of creatures, both friends and foes.

Due to all the mining, Tefta Bronzehair had nothing to do, so while the people where mining, farming and defending, she began to clear an area of forest, so when the throne room was ready, they could begin to build their city around the fort.


Well, looks like you’re ready to kick butt! With the combination of the mountain and the stone wall, I am eager to see how this plays out!

  1. It’s looking good! Nice work.

  2. I was going to do an underground fortress :frowning:

Looks awesome, all those multi level tunnels are neat! Can’t wait to see more

Forgot to send the save to myself :confused: I’m on vacation and aren’t able to reach my computer for some weeks, Rip save…