[Suggestion] Caves and exploration!

I’m not entirely sure whether the ability to find ruins or caves has been implemented yet (or is planned to be), but I for one would love to see some sort of special events where you can go and find say, an old castle’s ruins and there be some sort of dungeon you can explore, along with the ability to find cool loot and battle boss mobs.

I also think that you should be able to find unique and rare items that can be given to your blacksmith that will allow him to encrust armour that can be given to (for example) generals that give him either unique abilities or just make him look fantastic. These should also be able to add to say, a hilt to give the owner added swiftness. The possibility of having a mage to also enchant certain rare crystals to add to weapons and armour would also be a plus.

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I would love to see ruins too. I would also love to see if buildings are don’t used for a long time that they then decay and become to ruins too. So you have to watch that you don’t build houses to fare from your city so that your citizen don’t use them. Maybe for example the game will have seasons and maybe after 2 seasons they can decay.

above ground ruins are definitely planned… and are likely to be available long before underground exploration… the team wants to make the above ground experience as rock solid as possible before venturing underground…

Will there be populated underground dungeons, abandoned structures?1 - Livestream - 30:50 ]

“All of those sound like great ideas for the dwarves, certainly not
before the release, we’re trying to focus on the core above ground
city building, crafting, defending game … there might be abandoned
structures above ground, they might be something you bump into … which
may have cool artifacts etc.”.

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