Running with Rifles

So, I must have played this a few years ago, and back then it was all white and weird but still kinda cool.

It exited early access at the beginning of April and now it looks really impressive, and after getting sucked into the demo for an hour, a lot of fun.

Check it out on Steam, see what you think of it, and if you like it then we should all get together for some co-op at some point (max of 32 players so we should be fine).

Currently me and @Miturion own a copy, so come join us!

You can buy a 4-pack for £32, so if a bunch of you can organise that between yourselves you’ll save a bit of money.


yea, it is a simple great game. Cool in co-op.

We are in the official co-op server EU2. For anyone who wants to join.

looks like fun! i think i just saw @paulsoaresjr playing this on his channel… no?


I dunno, I saw @Geoffers747 playing it :smile:. Reminded me of army men.

yup he sure is! its how i first discovered it, havent had time o play it yet though :stuck_out_tongue:

I have tried buying this but Steam won’t let me and it’s ot in any other store like Humble Bundle or anything :frowning:

My friend is obsessed with this game… Once, he spent a week talking about it, and nothing else.

Don’t bring back the horrors. :cry: :scream:

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oh dear how odd, any luck? Why is it not working?

If you can paypal me the money I can purchase it for you?

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you put that as a question, not a statement. i now am questioning the safety of entrusting you money :wink:

This is my ponzi scheme.

If anybody wishes to paypal me money I will do stuff with it? :slight_smile:

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It’s all good, I will be trying again at some point. Pc probably cant handle the game to begin with :slight_smile:

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if your PC can tell whether it can handle a game before you even have it, then i want your PC :wink: