Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine - Deal Expired - Game Talk

The deal has now expired, but feel free to use this thread to talk about the game.

GAME link

GAME do deliver outside of the UK and the price for delivery still brings the game under it’s usual retail price. If you’re interested it’s a physical copy of the collectors edition of Monaco for £4.

It’s a pretty good deal as you get a DRM free version that you can install from the disc, 2 Steam Keys (It’s usually £11.99 on Steam for one, or £36 for a four pack) as well as a bunch of other stuff; a poster and some trading cards.

If anyone does pick it up let me know and we can play together.

Steam Page: Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine on Steam

I’ve only managed to play a little bit myself on the Xbox but it seems to be praised as an extremely fun co-op experience.


I have played it for a while now,

playing with friends is lots of fun, however single player can be a bit bland, so, I’d advise buying it if you have friends with it

he has me… how many more friends could he possibly need?

wait, we are friends, right?

will definitely give this a go, as it looks like it would be quite fun in either setting… :+1:

‘Acquaintance request cancelled’

‘Friend request to @Geoffers747 sent’

I have a feeling war is going to break out…


Ahem. You had this and did not tell me?! I love Monaco! Oh wait…is this on your fancy new Xbox One?

If anyone has Xbox 360 and wants to play multiplayer Monaco, hit me up a friend request, my name is Pattooooo :smile:

I can’t say I agree with this, I love single-player equally, it’s just so tense. I get immersed in it possibly more than in any other game I’ve had. I also played multiplayer with my brother who has it on PC and on Local Xbox when I had some friends over and it was very fun on both occasions, whether it was losing constantly (with friends) or proing it up (with my brother).

But yeah, for anyone kind of interested, its very fun, the graphics are just awesome, the story’s pretty cool and the music is just so damn good.

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Nah it’s not on Xbox One - and I purged everything Xbox 360 related so I no longer have access to it!

Oh yes, that’s right, you turned your back on us 360ers. Well, I hope you’re happy. :godmode:

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wait… are we ganging up on @Geoffers747? … nice, count me in! :fire: :angry: :boom:

@Smokestacks, are we still compadres, if i get Monaco for the PC, but play using an Xbox/PC controller?


Sadly we would not be, as I only have an Xbox 360 copy (my brother has a copy on Steam, not me :(), however this deal is so good that I’m pretty confident I’ll take it. Despite already owning it. :blush:

So the short answer is yes! I shall be purchasing it, and we can co-op over Steam :smile:

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Do it!

Then we’d need a 4th member to add to our motley crew and we’d be well away!

Steve, chat to me on Steam when you’re around and I’ll send you the code.

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acquired code? :white_check_mark:
downloaded monaco? :white_check_mark:
secured my undying devotion to you? :white_check_mark:


I’m not 12 years old so I can’t play this, it is far too violent. My mom made me type this.


well, @Geoffers747 and I tore up the Monaco scene this morning… lots of fun to be had here folks… :+1:

just watch your partners in crime, as they tend to steal all the loot, and health packs… and in general, get you shot… repeatedly


I was getting beaten up by the guards and had one health left!!

I was distracting them so you could get all the money!

The cheek of it.

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im all smoke and mirrors my friend… had to distract from the fact that i absolutely stink (for now)…

time to “practice”… :smile:

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I remember seeing this game somewhere, then frantically searching for it afterwards… goes and buys


Do it.

Steve and I need a locksmith.


Why? are you planning to break in houses because mine’s the big one, with a ton of security, rob my neighbour, he is loaded and has no security

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you seem awfully nervous… clearly, you’re holding out on us… fancy jewels? stash of cash??

target. acquired.


Pffffft… no, of course not to butler code black, quickly prepare the defences