Gun Monkeys Offer - $4.20, £2.80 3.14 Euros

In case any of you were into this sort of thing or liked the look of it, you can get it pretty cheap with the voucher code GMG30-FYBJP-MSOA5 on greenmangaming.

Here’s the store page on greenmangaming, here’s the Reddit post with the voucher code, you get two steam codes, and if you’re in a server on your own for a while with nobody joining it will generate another steam code for you, pretty handy!

Looks like it might be pretty fun if we got a few of us on. I have a couple of spare keys for those deserving!


Geoffers, have I ever told you how gorgeous you are? And I think that my $3 would look pretty good in your steam wallet, am I right?

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“PHYSICS-y” :smile:

I love the look of it, but what the hell is the gameplay? Do you just shoot each other?

hmm… looks fun! :smiley:

so i see how it is… you’re easily swayed by cheap merchandise… is that it?

weeps openly

explosivey… jumpy… splattery… bloody-ey…

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Hey, more than 1 person can be beautiful on this forum. For example, I recognized my own beauty, even under the shadow of your divine looks.


Right, would anybody like a key to the game?

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Why yes I would, thank you for asking, you beautiful sunnuvagun.

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