I have two copies of Insurgency to give away


Hey folks,

in the current Humble Jumbo Bundle 3 one receives extra copies of Insurgency.
Right now I can give away two, later maybe even another one.

So whoever is interested speak up and I’ll PM you a link where you can claim your free copy.



I would like one if you still have one?


I’ll take one, that way me and bloodwolf can have another game to co-op o.-


Righto, that makes two, all gone for now :slight_smile:


Thank you so much!!!


Thanks man, do you know if it has co-op?


Dang I just missed it :frowning:


Apparently so:
(I just got the game myself with this Humble Bundle and the download is a bit much atm, so it’ll take a while until I can try it.)

Maybe I’ll have another free copy on tuesday, right now its reserved, but the guy might buy the bundle himself depending on the games that are added.


I also have 3 copies to share, if anyone wants them.


I also have 1 more I can give. Just PM me if you want it. I have already gave one to @Yosmo78


I’ll take one if you still have some. Thanks for giving them out as well


Hey! Ill take one if your giving one away! Im new to the forums and it seems like the community is awesome!


Hi I love playing video games and if you are still giving the game away I would love it. <3 ninja


I would like one please. I am a gamer and I always want to try out new games. You guys are very generous for giving games away


I am a gamer and I love playing fps games they are my favorite.


I still have 1 copy left, send me a pm if anyone want it, so we don’t get mixed up with nicedude and give 2 to the same person:P


Ill take that 1 copy if you didnt give it away yet


Sorry, i gave it away a few hours back.


Ah damn, I guess all the copies are gone ;-;


I still have some copies. Send me a PM if you’re interested