Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

Okay guys… So Civ 6 dropped last week and if you’re a huge civ fan like myself you probably already have it by now…

And with Civ 6’s new multiplayer features to make games take reasonable amounts of time rather than months to complete I was wondering if anyone would be down to play it, possibly forming a group of people that would be up to play.

Although I personally only really have enough free time to get anywhere in a game of civ 6 on weekends maybe some of you have more flexible schedules.

With Civ 6 being a real casual game in terms of pacing it leaves plenty of time to talk(via text or maybe voice chat services) and get to know your fellow Hearthian Community members.

I know a few people on discourse that already have the game but I was wondering if there’s a large enough group that this could be a regular thing, possibly every weekend or every other weekend.

  • I would most definitely be interested!
  • I’m interested but might not be able to join in that often
  • I don’t have Civ 6 yet, but I might get it in the future.

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I might be down, but I am currently terrrrrrrrible at it. The addition of districts and the more aggressive AI has completely undermined my understanding of how to be effective.


I could help you get better :smiley:

I managed to beat a game on deity difficulty so I think I’m pretty okay at it.

There’s some balancing things they should be doing soon that’ll make it much better.

Sharing some strategies and crushing your friends is part of the fun!

Me and a few coworkers are actually having a big Civ 6 party this weekend with the goal to be us 4 vs 8 deity difficulty AI with shuffle map and 750 turn limit. I’m expected soul crushing defeat but we’ll see. :smiley:

@Brackhar & anyone else playing
Here’s a pretty simple strategy that the actual AI’s aim for on Civ 6.

You build cities in clusters of 3. Then have each cluster within 20 spaces from another cluster’s center.

Here’s a little diagram.

Each green dot is a city. Each color is a region of that city’s borders(within the area your city’s citizens can “work”).

The mixed colors(orange, green purple) are where 2 cities collide in space control.

The start is this “cluster”'s center.

Now obviously this might not work always but this is the “IDEAL” set up.

I haven’t played Civilization since Civ 4, but I really enjoyed that (though I was terrible at it :stuck_out_tongue: ). Is Civilization 6 worth it?

I pre-ordered the digital deluxe version of civ 6.

Civ 5 was the BEST thing ever… until civ 6 came out. So yeah I’d personally say it’s worth it.

I can confirm that Civ VI is realy the next level of the Civilization series but AI is pretty stupid currently :stuck_out_tongue: at least on “prince” difficulty where I played my first two games to learn the tech tree and mechanics (tech & cultural victory).

The worst that can happen to you is a bad starting spot, the second worst thing are early barbarian raids.
I restarted a game because of a start in tundra only terain with brasil and my last playthrouogh was pretty barbarian infected. 2 riders, 1 sprearman, 1 riding archer by turn ~20 … :rolling_eyes:

But if you manage to spread early you are on the road to victory. The AI is not able to optimize its cities like humans can and sometimes it acts weird … but I’m sure this will be fixed :slight_smile:

The barbarian raids are RNG based. But they can get you set back pretty hard early. :confused: