Epic Civ 5 Game, Anyone?

So, does anyone want to start up a solid 10-15 hours playthrough of Civ 5 anytime soon?

Sounds good, What kind of dlc/settings etc.? When would we do it? Could be interesting to see how I compare to someone that’s not my brother (I’ll probably suck hard).

That’s what she said, but more importantly, that’s what I think will end up happening to me, too.

Anyway, I don’t have the Brave New World, Epic game length (hence thread title), whatever difficulty, and random civs. I don’t know if teams would be a good idea or not, and if people who know better say that epic is a bad idea, then I’ll listen! Because I have no idea!

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Eeeeh. I’ve never been a fan of the Civ games. I’d be up for a Shogun 2 co-op campaign with someone, though. I find Total War much more entertaining (just my opinion).

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Hmmm, well, unfortunately, I donae have Total War 2, so I wouldn’t be able to participate.

Anyway, would Mr. @Geoffers747 or Mr. @SteveAdamo be interested in this match? Not all in one session, of course.

I know that my normal strategy of just going peaceful as Venice and crushing everything with economy probably wouldn’t work here. Although that needs BNW anyway, I’ll just hope I can remember how to run an economy without trade routes. Epic game length could be fine, just remember that this could take 2-3x longer than a single player version as warring players don’t go at the same time and sometimes players can make tough choices which can briefly extend turn times massively (religions etc.).

True, true, true. Anyway, I’ve never actually played Epic (yet), only the other three. I’ve literally played about, say, 10 games? But I consider myself a strategy aficionado (or at least a hobbyist).

I’ll join too!
Authough i have baisicaly no DLC for this, it looks like none of you do either? Not sure.

Ok, so attendance list so far (aiming for at least 2-3 more!):
Smith-(nice name)

I feel like we should all friend each other on steam, as when we get the stonehearth on the steams, we will prob want to play multiplayer together there too.

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Ok, good idea. Can anyone guess what my steam name is?

That’s right! It’s Man_Of_Ret!

I have all the DLC, Got it a while back when it was 75% off for the release of BNW with me living in Australia and getting it online I ended up getting the $90 game for about $12. But yeah I’ve got BNW, G&K and all DLC civs. What about you two? What civs/expansions do you have?

I got the Gold Pack during the Summer Sale, so I think that includes everything BUT BNW.

Yep It does. I haven’t actually played Civ 5 in a while, been playing more Civ 4 and they are fairly different games before mods or G&K/BNW come into it.

Anyways, as soon as you Steam-ify me, we could start a short practice session to prepare for the Big Dance?

I added, but i have no DLC, as i’ve not gotten around to buying it yet.

Well, by the looks of things, they don’t.

Remember there is the gold edition upgrade for if you’ve already got the base game, it’ll probably be like $10 for you and includes all DLC + G&K but NOT BNW or Civ 5.
Remember we’ve got the Stonehearth steam group as well which comes with it’s own chatroom.

I buy things using a steam gift card, i’d have bought it if I had enough money, i’m basically on no DLC right now, as i’ve got to go refill my steam wallet.

Ok, That just knocks out the DLC Civs and G&K+BNW, Be interesting to play vanilla again. I’ve only ever done that once and it was back when it was still pretty new.