Sid Meier's Civilization 5 Giveaway CLOSED

I’m giving away a copy of Sid Meier’s Civ 5,

To enter simply reply to this saying you would like to win it :smile:

This giveaway will end and winners will be selected Friday evening at 6:00 PM CST


I would really like to win :slight_smile: I’m super broke and would like to play with my friends :3

I say @Ghost should win!

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I am a poor, polish student, who played hours and hours on Civ2 to Civ4. I wanted to buy Civ5, but buying that game after Stonehearth could give me starvation for next few days.
So please, could you spare me your Civ5 copy? .

I also have a Steam Copy of CIV4 Complete, as well as CIV5 with both God’s and Kings and Brave New World expansions to give away, so I’ll throw those into the mix as well.

And for those with just a bit of cash on them, Humble Bundle is doing a sale of CIV and some other games


Oh dear… I’m also a broke college kid who’d like to play Civ5 with my friends, but I’d hate to be the reason either of these deserving candidates were unable to play!

@martyrsvale This, I totally agree.

So I’m gonna be honest; I’m not sure how much time I’ll be able to play this game due to my study beeing so busy as it is. So I think someone else deserves it more than I do :slight_smile:

I would also like to win it! Thank you!

I would like to win.

I would like to…say very nice of you @Inumel and @Lomico :slight_smile:


I would like to win :sunny:

We used to play civ 2 on LAN in the past with a couple of friends.
While I have secured my copy of CiV 5 via humblebundle, a good friend of mine is not just a bit broke. He´s working on 2 mini jobs while studying, but the living costs of his city are quite enormous. I would gladly buy him a copy, but my balance seems rather negative (in addition, I´m saving for wedding).

So, if you have a key left, I´m sure my friend will be super grateful :-*

wow… what a great community we have here… :smiley:

generous offer [size=20]+[/size] awesome members [size=20]=[/size] :rainbow: :heart:

im sure i can rustle up some Steam keys as well (for some other games), for those who dont land this key… :smiley:

good luck!


For those unlucky enough to not get this key to Civ 5, I am giving away a Civ5 key as well on my youtube channel (Discussions About Games (DAG) Videocast - EP3). Also giving away a Reus key.


I would like to win the key :slight_smile:

I will take the key.
Please give me the key.

This key will grant me happiness.

This key will make my life better.

This key will make me shout praises to the universe, and to you.

This key is the secret to the universe.

This key will be eh best thing I am ever given by you.

This key will enable a hard-working college student to play a game f civ in my free time, instead of me just posting on these forums.

Please, give me the key.


It would also be a distraction though…from college…so yeah.

Pick me! pick me! i wanna win! I need 5 to complete me collection on steam!

I will be using to remove any situational bias :wink:

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I’d love to win. I’m very new to this Civ business, and this would be my first game.

Yooooooo giveaway

I wanna win B)

Everybody will receive a number, and this is how i will chose who gets the key
entries so far

Ghost 1
Phoriist 2
Martyrsvale 3
Claymanr 4
Libery 5
Reylss 6
Mipi 7
Untrustedlife 8
Cannon0006 9
Swift_Cube 10
sonicSPEED 11
CableX​17 12
mangarz 13