$5 Game Giveaway

Hello everyone in celebration of um… uh… The Emperor Krishnadeva Raya ascending to the throne, marking the beginning of the regeneration of the Vijayanagara Empire in 1509! (Proof Here). I’m going to be giving away a $5 or less game. If the game is less than $5 then I will giveaway the rest of the money out of that $5 (Ex. $3 game next person can get $2 game). How do you win? Firstly post your steam name, and then write a funny experince you had in a video game this will not play a part in if you win or not I just want to hear them! Thank you may you have the best of luck in this contest, bye! (Entries will run from July 26th to July 28th)


naturalnuke, went to space in skyrim, method of travel - giant.

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I do not want any games but this is nice of you to do for people!

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My steam name is claymanr (woah shocker)

Funny gaming story. naturalnuke’s story reminded me of when I was playing just cause 2 multiplayer mod and was boosting in a truck and hit a rock and then flew into space so hard that I couldn’t come down. The mod has a speedometer and it was at like 1600 or something.

My name is Dwalus, and this is my story.

I was playing Survival Games in Minecraft on some small server a while ago. I was killed, but it somehow glitched and when it changed my game mode to creative, it forgot to teleport me back to the main hub, so I was able to fly around giving people free lapis lazuli/activated explosives as I chose.

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Claymanr you are the winner of this contest! Tell me what game you wish and it will be gifted to you!

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I want octodad dadliest catch, but that’s 5.09, but if not that then logigun. Thank you!

EDIT: Oooh. I just saw Red Faction Guerrilla go on sale for 1.99! I want that game too. Any of these three is fine. Thank you!

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By the way you have to accept my friend request on steam. you have $3 Left to buy something, what do you want? (Got you Red Faction thingy)