[Finished] Two Copies of Landmark! Congrats Dwalus and Wombat85

Phew, it’s been a while since I’ve made a topic…


I’m going to give away two copies of Landmark on Steam because I recently bought the trailblazer pack and got a few keys.

To enter the giveaway, just type a reason why you think you should win and make sure it’s in bold!

I will pick the winners by random, so don’t worry about making a meaningful reason. But don’t type out an essay, either. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The winners will be chosen in a few days!


I think I should get it because of internal organ combustion!

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I think I should get it unless someone else wants it. If someone wants it more than me, they are welcome to it.

Well spoken good sir!

***I want it more then you, its mine now. (well it could be mine) because I want it more then you, clearly. I like bacon.***[quote=“Newf, post:3, topic:8887, full:true”]
I think I should get it unless someone else wants it. If someone wants it more than me, they are welcome to it.

i should get it because im a nice person and your a nice person so there

I should get it because my text isn’t in bold, (That’s how I roll) that and at 30 I have just earned my bachelors, just 2 informal conversations with my mentors and I’m done. Oh and I got into grad school to pursue my PHD in mechanical engineering so I will continue to be poor for the next 5 years. That and I’m just that sexy.

I should receive a copy because we are all family you know bro. We are on the same level so it is ok if you just want to give me a copy :wink: I know no one will be mad. Also you are a cool and awesome dude that no one else can match.

I hope I get it, because I love to play with people on steam, so having a game to be on common ground with others would be fantastic!

I also like drawing… A LOT…

I hope to get it, because I like bacon. That is all.

I believe I should win because unlike most people here, I’ve actually been on the discourse for a while and posted thousands of times. While post count doesn’t mean a whole lot, when three of the people have less than 10 posts, it’s definitely questionable when they suddenly post to get free stuff.

sir there is only two people, thank you very much. :tongue:

I like playing video games and would like this :smile:

You just posted 12 times since I said that, which is arguably worse…

oh ok lets go with that :wink:

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It’s nice to see some response for Landmark… even if it is just out for free. Also, @Wombat85, oh you rebellious you. :wink:

On the map games!

I joined 6 days earlier!

I think you shouldn’t give it to me

Give one to a steam friend and either sell the other, or give it to another friend, or someone on the discourse

Actually, I have quite a few posts not related to the map game.

But @dwarf, you are someone on the discourse! :smile:

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@Alfie, @Dwalus, and @dwarf so am i… right?