Stonehearth Giveaway! (With Alpha)

Alright, guys, I’ve just set up the thread over on Stonehearth Kingdom, so you’ll have to head over there to get your FREE STONEHEARTH ALPHA KEY!

Be wary, though, that I haven’t actually come up with a good contest yet. Just keep that in mind.

Click here to enter.

The contest has been updated with new rules.

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What a generous man (of Ret). I am deeply moved.

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Very generous dude, very nice! Feel bad for WaterAxe by saying this, but I (and you, unless you’ve scored a paper round or something) are in the same boat and do cope and I would love to see @Pandemic actually score a copy! Twitch mod, nice art, sweet models, the lot really (well, code aside, but I don’t really know if he has abilities in that or not!)…

Also, quite a nice little random few quizzes, some of those maths problems were like the ones I’ve had to do for some competition every year :wink:

Thank you :), I’m hoping I win. But I wouldn’t mind see the person who would give it to their best friend win either, games are always more fun with friends or family.

As far as my coding knowledge, I know next to nothing. Although my friend who is in college has some textbooks lending me :smile: So I’ll be an expert soon enough :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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That was actually exactly along my line of thinking. BUT, we will have to wait and see if @Pandemic can make a comeback on the scoreboards!

Alright, @SteveAdamo, a user named WaterAxe managed to beat out @Pandemic, so that’s who the winner is.

Congratulations to WaterAxe on his win!

You can close the thread now. It has been exhausted in it’s purpose.

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Although I’m sure @phoriist mentioned winning a key the same way and had suggested doing a similar competition style thing as this, so unless hes changed his mind (which would obviously be fair enough!), then keep an eye out for that!

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congratulations to WaterAxe! and sorry @Pandemic, i was pulling for ya brother…


@phoriist if you do have a key to give away just start a new thread :slight_smile: