Stonehearth Giveaway!

Heyo! I generally don’t post here when I make a Stonehearth video–personally it just seems too self-serving. However, since this particular instance could benefit the viewer as well, I decided it was appropriate :smile:

I’m giving away a key to the final release of Stonehearth (woot!). And while it seems logical that most everyone on the discourse is in possession of a copy, it’s possible that you have friends, family members, or others who are interested in getting the game. If so, you may direct them to the following video and channel:

Thanks for your time!


always a great way to drive traffic to a channel… and also, very generous of you! :smiley: :+1:


:thumbsup: for your generosity and grats on 100 subs man! (well 115 now) :slight_smile:


Thanks guys! :smiley:

Oh !@#$

This reminds me that I still have the Beta Key that I was suppose to give to my Cousin!

Huzzah for reminders! And for expanding the Stonehearth community!

If only this was made before I bought the game… Oh well, congratulations on reaching 100 subs, it’s quite a bit milestone, seeing most people choose to watch bigger YouTubers.

Hats off to you for being so generous towards your subs, and spreading the word about Stonehearth!

Thank you very much for your kind words :smile:

I actually do not have a key, so I shall watch the vid!