Phor Cillic's Stonehearth Giveaway Contest?

I am one of the winners on the Stonehearth Giveaway Lottery. As you know, I already have bought the game, so I may give the key to someone, who wants…

…but I don’t want to give keys just for nothing. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want to get the key, write an original limerick about Stonehearth*. The best one wins, and you have 7 days. :slight_smile:

Entry by Pikatch, my brother

Psychopatic Mizanthrope called Bork
tried to run out of people like dork
He has counted to ten
and restarted the game,
then found people with him again. Spork.


ahhh, who doesnt love a good limerick! :smile:

thanks for the competition @phoriist, and offer best of luck to the entrants!

I am going to enter on behalf of @Pandemic, because we really need him to get his hands on this game, with his level of artistry.

Alright, here’s my attempt:

A band of settlers, six
All going 'round picking up sticks
They made a great saw
And gave it to Shaw
And now, he’s wooing the chicks

Basically, you start of with a group of settlers (six settlers), and wood often comes in the form of sticks. Using this wood, they made a carpenter’s workshop and the saw that comes with it. They gave the saw to a guy named Shaw, and now he’s this really cool guy. All the ladies like him because he’s so awesome. And that’s the breakdown of my limerick.


woo @Pandemic! :thumbsup:

on behalf of @Pandemic:smile:

There once was a man named Mer
Who swung his prize axe in a blur
But while felling a tree
Caught an arrow to the knee
His prospects now quite unsure 

Just get one of you two to give it to them, I mean you’re trying to rig the contests massively in their favour so just do it and declare them the winner. Give a copy to them and then come up with a joint competition for hte other one if you can’t decide who gives it.

I’m beginning to think coming on the discourse once a day is beginning to be too little…


Well, if you hadn’t heard, my copy has already been won. Therefore, Phoriist can do whatever he likes with his copy. I’m just trying to get Pandemic a copy, since he almost won the last one.

Ok, so who’s next? :slight_smile:

I am rooting for @Pandemic too. I dont write a limerick. It wont beat @SteveAdamo’s one anyway. :smile:
Ah well here it is:

My bad limerick, oh dear
For Pandemic I cheer
So he can get his own copy
Dont have to sell his jalopy
And some new mod can appear

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might as well just give it to @pandemic at this point

Yer I think we should end the charade and get it over with.

Do it quickly, no pain.


Um… No.

Look - we have two potential winners. We know, one of them has ‘about 75%’ chances to win already, but the contest is still running.
The problem is, there are 7 days for it? The reason of this ‘very long time’ is to have some potential contestants thonk carefully about their entry :stuck_out_tongue: Also, I have to be reliable (sort of) - if I have written ‘7 days’, I can’t end after two…

Probably going to make one doubt I will win though against the wave of @Pandemic

Just try. The result may be way above your expectations. :wink:

About judging system - all entries will be sended to three judges. They will sort them in order (best -> worst), then send back to me. My only task in this contest is registering entries, and summing the judges opinions.

I agree with phoriist :smile: You’d be surprised what could happen

Contest is announced at the moment both here and on PL forum (yup, limericks posted on PL forum must be in english, to fair chances). There are some entries from PL forum. Of course, other communities may also take part - just inform them about the contest. and give me the link to announcement on your forum. The more the merrier :wink:

There was a huge tree of oak,
which used to be carpenter’s joke.
He swung his saw clear,
turn most wood to chair
and last block was turned to smoke

My name is Mer Burlyhands,
All because of my burly hands.
You say: why the hands?
Because "Burlyhands"
is better than “Mer Brownypants”.

Wha-what? I was summoned?

Well good luck @Nestlebar, it’s currently fairly David vs. Goliath but if it’s best limerick wins then you just need to pull one out the bag and sorted! :wink:

One exception. At the moment we have One Goliath (with strenght of three) and three confirmed (in contest) Davids (they are not registered on the International Discourse though… D: )

OK here i go. Hope you like it :slight_smile:

The Man who hauled the wood was tired
He went to sleep so he got fired
Now noone hauled the wood
Because no others could
Therefore the Man - again - was hired.