Stonehearth Scribes: Writers Guild

as part of the Writer’s Workshop facelift, one of the rewards for winning a monthly competition is to have your story featured in the game (via a mod)… well, this will hopefully be that mod… :smile:

welcome to the Stonehearth Scribes, Writers Guild!

The SSWG is a reclusive group of storytellers, who enjoyed weaving
tales of all varieties. Their stories were critically acclaimed, and
the books themselves are highly coveted, as they were often bound in
high quality materials, making their discovery not only entertaining
but profitable. Do you have what it takes to join their ranks?

this mod will introduce the stories from winners of the Writer’s Workshop, and add those books and tomes as random loot on enemies, NPCs, chests, etc.

this mod may tie into @voxel_pirate’s efforts with his Typographer / Chronicle mod, or he may collaborate on this project as well…

as with all mod ideas, this will (hopefully) get fleshed out as we draw closer to beta this December… stay tuned! :smiley:


Will do. :fast_forward:

I love the idea! :+1:

Oooh this is good, now I shall be entering every week instead of waiting for finals (sorry :wink:). However, if say I entered and owned the competition got lucky and won this week, what happens? I know my finals place goes to 3rd but does 3rd get their story in the mod? Or is that just top 2 regardless?

i was thinking this would be exclusive to the monthly winners… but given how close we are to beta (realistically), it could just as easily be each weekly winner as well…

perhaps there will be varying levels of books that the Guild produces, and depending on your placement (weekly winner vs. monthly winner), your books are more or less rare/valuable?

food for thought! :smile:

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Maybe also by number of likes?

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Maybe you could have it so that your social buildings (taverns/townhalls/marketplaces with a podium of some sort) can have travelling storytellers, and when you click on them it will show the story (in text) in a speech bubble.
And then, lets say you’re SUPER welcoming to the travellers, you start getting more and more (gradually of course) until you get an offer to build … The StoneHearth Scribes: Writers Guild.


Aaaaactually…I’m swaying towards monthly. Unless the mod focusses on having lots of stories, I’d prefer to just read the really good ones. Or certainly the winners/joint winners of each week. :smile:

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right… well, thats what determines the weekly/monthly winners… unless im missing your suggestion? sorry…

i so :heart: you right now…

aye, and as that was my initial thought as well, its likely to be the case… but as with any (hopefully) entertaining mods, they can evolve over time! :smile:

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I hope this includes previous winners… I’d love for my writings to be in there.

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absolutely! you and @CableX17 will be among the featured stories… :smiley:

Sweet!! Which stories?? Ooooh, can we have people vote? Haha, that would be awesome, if everyone voted on which of our stories they wanted in there, and we put one of the top two…without telling them which :wink:

thats an interesting idea… :+1:

i was going to suggest leaving it up to the winner’s discretion, which of their stories should be submitted for the mod… but perhaps we can make it more … interesting? :smile:

Oh, I definitely want the final say, haha. But I just wanted people to have some influence, like I choose from the ones they like the most. That way there is a little suspense involved :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

ahh, right… i think i see what you have in mind…

we could always have a “winners circle” thread, that houses each monthly winner (and links to their previous works)… folks could then mark those they found most interesting (whether it was a particular winner or not)…

the writer would then have some input as to which of their stories might be best received as part of the mod… :+1:

I mean, between the winners, the value of their books can be determined by how much likes they got. this way a good story with a lot of likes will be more valuable then a winning story on a week weak.You can also add non winning stories with a lot of likes to the mod, lets say with above 10?

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I don’t think there are any.

ah, of course… i see what you’re saying…

yes, i think there is a possibility for something like this…

Just thought… this could be implemented even a bit more “interesting”. Like there is one book, which should include all the stories, but the pages are empty. You have to find now the single stories (like collectables) and add them to your story book. “Unlocking” could be via loot, listening to stories a NPC might tell you, finding old artifacts…


I like the sound of that! You could have the original book obviously looking like it had had all of its pages ripped out, with just small tatters left attached to the spine and then the pages you find with the stories on match the shape and you can kind of mend it up and see the pages attached to the book as you collect them. I think this could be really cool. :smile:

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