Storyteller Mod

I had an idea for a mod while I was revisiting my Storyteller short story I came up with a mod idea. Unfortunately I don’t think I will be able to make it, as I am not experiences with programming. However it would be cool if somebody else on the discourse would write the code.

The idea is simple, one of your settlers will either start as or be upgraded to a “storyteller.” when the player would click on the player a “Notification” would pop up with a random short story from the discourse.

I have already indexed almost all the short stories on the discourse. I would take on the responsibility of compiling all the stories which would make it into the mod if someone else would write the code itself.


something similar to this, perhaps?

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Yeah, I didn’t know that had existed. Is that project still “alive?”

shrugs somewhat apologetically


So should this be merged with the Guild. Or is my request for help still standing?

I think they can stand apart, at least for now… especially given the layer of dust on my mod idea… :blush: