It's Random Log Drawing Day!

This is totally and completely unrelated to the greatness that is Stonehearth, but it works as a fine distraction (albeit for only a couple days) from the longing we must suffer waiting to play what will assuredly be an amazing game.

It just so happens to be Random Log Drawing day today! Draw a log in MS Paint, vote for logs, get the most votes and win a t-shirt with your log drawing on it! Fun for all ages and completely free to participate.

welcome aboard @TenaciousTom! :smile:

part of me wants to click that link… part of me wants to go back to playing Portal 2… :blush:


I can see your hesitation. My only comment would be that Random Log Drawing Day only lasts one day every year whereas Portal 2 is forever… Also, thats why we have ‘pause’ :smile: Steam also has a lovely in game browser. So, maybe more than one comment.

Also, thanks for the welcome. I have been following Stonehearth and team since the Kickstarter, joined in on a few live streams. I’ve really enjoyed the ‘behind the scenes’ look into how this game is coming along. Only problem is that with each update I want to play it even more. Good things come to those who wait :smile:


Or for those who don’t wait, get frustrated, break into Radiant’s office, copy everything onto a USB stick then take it home, hire a coder to do a rushed job in order to make it playable and get to play it, good things come too :smile:


And share with the world!

No, the precious is mine :ring: