Just backed throuigh the Steam Greenlight page

…and looking forward to December!

I gotta say, I spent a good portion of today browsing your website after a friend linked it on facebook. I was pretty intrigued, so say the least.

And, for the record, this is the first ever game Ive pledged money too, so theres that I guess.

well welcome aboard @Azureal! :smiley:

we knew Stonehearth had recently been greenlit, but i wasnt aware that there was an option to back the game via Steam?

goes of to investigate

edit: i’m assuming you were referring to this page, correct?

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Welcome fellow Stoner! (or what was the name we’ve given ourselves again?) :smile:

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@SteveAdamo - Oops, yep, sorry Steve, meant to say via the link on the Steam, my bad!

Been looking at screenshots and reading bits and pieces and watching dev vids.

This. This is cool.

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@Gridian Is Stonehearthian is the name your looking for? At least where I come from a Stoner is someone who does illegal drugs on a regular basis :laughing:

i dunno… did we reach a consensus?

We are the Stoners
Fighting against prejudice and preconceptions we shall liberate the name of it’s unjust past
With creativity and code, artistry and animation we shall inspire
We shall create it all, dragons and draugr, cannons and circuits, we will make it
Together we can reshape what it means to be a game, rewrite language itself
We are the Stoners

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I don’t think “Stoners” will ever go away as the name of our community (thanks @Geoffers747) but I cast a vote that we call these forums “The Shed”

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Does that mean im going to the shed to be a stoner? Also by showing it to someone else and them joining you got them stoned?


I retracted my name suggestion of ‘Stoners’ and replaced it with “The Stones” that way we can double up as a Rolling Stones tribute act to gain some more funding!

Yeah, 'cause THAT’S gonna fly. You just HAD to say it, and now its stuck.

chuckles I’m in the same boat as Azureal grins sheepishly

Was looking at Stonehearth via the steam greenlight page and then pledged via the same link that SteveAdamo linked (as its mentioned in the community hub page… Would definately have pledged during kickstarter if id seen it earlier though.

Hope my pledge still counts as it was done on the 18th June fingers crossed

:wink: if it doesnt count… at least its going to a good cause… this game has SO MUCH potential!

Hey Baltim, did you pledge through paypal?

My understanding is that all pledges made via paypal before the humble store went live will be honoured.

So, if that’s the case, consider yourself pledged!

as @Geoffers747 said, if you made it to the PayPal page, and completed the transaction (hold onto the email with your transaction ID), you should be all set…

oh, and welcome aboard! :smile:

Hiya folks :wink: yes indeed. Pledge was through paypal. Thanks for the welcome friends. Great to be here!! Am following everything with much anticipation :slight_smile:

Buddy your story is more a less the same as mine! Although i backed through the Kick starter page. I saw this game come up on a liked video on youtube and from there on i’ve been hooked!
It’s good to see that the steam greenlight is working and now the Devs really have their work cut out for them :slight_smile:

Now quickly, download qubicle and get practicing your creation ready for tge beta/release :smile: