Dont Starve Together - Steam Beta Key Give Away

Hi Everyone,

Klei Entertainment was nice enough to send me two beta keys for their upcoming multiplier player expansion for Don’t Starve, so I figured I’d give the other one away here ;).

I’m thinking the giveaway will end on the 24th, and the winner will receive it Christmas day 11:00 AM est. :wink:
If you win you’ll receive the beta key via private message from me with instructions on how to redeem it.

I am however concerned about the time frame to respond in, if I feel like people need more time to respond then I’ll hold off picking a winner and specify a new end date for the giveaway.

I don’t have any requirements for the give away other than a post down below. I also don’t really have a plan on how to decide the winner, it will probably come down to something I like about you, funny post, funny username, something.

I am going to stay away from replying to/liking your posts here, I don’t want to get someones hopes up. Just know I’ll read every one, you wont be missed. :wink:

Best Luck to All of You


wow, you is generous. i always liked the look of that game never bought it though…

I loved don’t starve ! A friend and me competed who got the most days, he mostly beat me since I wasn’t really good at it! I didn’t know they were making a multiplayer expansion! Love the idea!

I’m not tossing my hat into the ring, but I did want to thank you for the contest/gesture… very thoughtful of you! :+1:

That’s unlike you, you usually jump at the opportunity to toss things.

Anyway, count me in to however it is you pick a winner, preferably by drawing names from a hat, make sure you include me a good 15 to 20 times though.


Free stuff is free, ill give it a go :slight_smile:

I’m in :smiley: Just started playing the vanilla game and am enjoying it so far :slight_smile:

Thanks for the offer but i am just going to wait for it to be completed and then get it for free :slight_smile: (Let someone else have it :slight_smile: )

Hopefully i “Don’t Starve” on Christmas (Subtle pun was very subtle:P) cause i broke the bank on my pc and now am poor yet again.

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I got in the game, too but can’t get one for my little bro since my parents won’t let me use any more money (Asian parents be like games are bad for you, so save up for college). If you’re willing to give it out, all I can give you back is a thank you. But still, thnx for letting me join in.

I’ve been wanting to get don’t starve haven’t yet but survival type is the type of fun game I like tons playtime just haven’t gotten around to buying it yet … because I got other rouge-like games I enjoy but more the merrier

Happy Holidays

Hey I’m hungry can you consider giving me a copy so I Don’t Starve wink wink nudge nudge eh eh. But hey thanks for considering this community in the first places anyways I’m sure a die hard gamer would love to get his hands on this game… cough cough me cough cough :wink: and have a good day to you and anyone that reads this!

I really love the idea of dont starve together, because its surviving but with the new aspect of teamwork, you can split tasks and stuff. And its also a good feature, because now I have a new game to play with my girlfriend. Because the problem was, the always likes stuff like farming and gathering, but is not very much into fighting and researching. So this way we can split up the tasks so I can be defending our place and go hunting, while she will be farming and cooking(although now that i read this, it sounds really like the old prejudice of men hunting and women staying in the kitchen :slight_smile:

found this pic, thought it was some what fitting


i want to be in on this and to show

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How do i enter or do i enter by just commenting?

0.o Just what we needed more cats…

Just comment why u need it or somethin of that sort or just make a joke

I partecipate to this giveaway.

Ty man i want this game