2 More ESO Beta Keys to Giveaway

I haven’t been back in a while, and I decided to come back with something people would enjoy! I’ve obtained 2 more beta keys (Bethesda just has a surplus), and will give them away! Because I don’t have the patience to do a cool showdown, rate them, and wait days for a rebuttal (like I did last time), the first two to post will win. Please do not post unless you want a key, until the giveaway is over. It’s just easier for me to manage who’s getting what.

Thanks for playing, and good luck!

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hello i would like one.

I would like to win one, I will message my email to you as I am scared of spammers

I don’t want one, so I’m posting third

Thanks for participating, and I’m sure there’ll be more giveaways in the future.

thank you so much i will try it out and see if it works!

Oh yeah, TOTALLY forgot to say thanks! so: THANK YOU!!!

my key works SOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!

Wait, I am going away soon, Do the keys only last 30 days real time or do you get 30 days of game time?

EDIT: NOOOOOO! The giveaway is over!

I’m sure Bethesda will send me more. I’ve received about 8 beta keys so far from them, and they just keep coming…

lol wow thats a lot. i really love ESO!!! me and my sis play no buying it and playing together ones it comes out.

It says I can’t play the Beta now, when could I actually play the game?

I don’t want to think about waiting five long days of downloading the game and finding out I can’t play the game.

you have to wait tell the next play session witch i don’t know if there will be any more tell the game is out.

Well, since I got the Beta just a few days ago, and I can’t play it, does the Beta Key come with anything else, like a free one month subscription or something like that

no i am sorry it is just for the beta. os if there is another play session you can play it but after the game is out you have to pay for it.

So, if there isn’t another Play Session, and since I don’t want to buy it until the reviews start rolling in . . .

Then I just wasted five days of downloading the game . . .

i was looking at stuff about ESO and i saw this Yet another Elder Scrolls Online beta event is planned - GameZone so it looks like there will be one more!!!

Yes! Now, when will it happen. I looked at the article and didn’t find the date.

i have no clue so. you registered right? you shod be invited by email to the next one they will tell us ones it is time hope i have been of help ~ Morgoth