Has anyone gotten in to the Elder Scrolls Online Beta?

I got in. Anyone else?


is there an associated NDA? are you allowed to discuss your experiences with the beta?

if so, then we’ll keep this thread so folks can discuss (as i am quite curious, given my ties to the franchise)…

if not, i dont see much point in having this thread, other than to torment other members… :smile:

Oh yea I’ve been in it for awhile. I started playing less once they announced it will be a monthly subscription. I can’t stand when a company goes ten fold back on its word, even if its for a decent reason.

Isn’t there going to be monthly payments, as well as in-game purchases?

Edit: Ah, it’s for “non-vital items and services”

Wait so they’ve got Initial Cost, Subscription Fee, and Microtransactions? :laughing: That’s not normally a trifecta people try to make for fairly simple reasons, I’ll be chuckling about this one for a while I think.

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wow, that does sound like a recipe for disaster…

@FinKone, are you allowed to share your experiences?

Pretty sure all you can say about the beta is that you got in.

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aaand with that, i think its best we close this up… :smile:

feel free to PM eachother with super secret methods of gaining access to the beta… :wink:

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