ESO Beta account trade


unfortunately I do not have amazon/paypal money to buy Stonehearth, if someone was kind enough to buy me it, I would give them access to the Elder Scrolls Online Beta! Thank you


that would be epic!!! sadly i can not buy any more :frowning: i really LOVE LOVE LOVE THE Elder Scrolls


If no one else replies in an hour I’ll give it to you because I don’t want it to go to waste


Its rather bland. I didn’t enjoy it.

Read about how I broke the NDA here and what my experiences were.


I also thought it wasn’t good. Someone on that forum said they wanted multiplayer elder scrolls and I agree that’s what I want and this isnt . its an mmo more.


Do you have a way I can contact you privately? Like a reddit account or email or steam or something?


hi @claymanr, so is this “transaction” concluded? :smile:


Not yet. I don’t have a private way to message him. Do you want it?


I’d be happy to do it - I won a ESO key off @TUGenius but it is invalid and probably account locked, so I need to get into it


oh, no… thanks though! i was going to close it up, so others might not be confused as to the availability of the offer… :smile:


Have you given it away yet?


No. My email is email me and I’ll send u the info and u can buy it


Thank you! So much for this! Can’t wait!


Sent it man, got you the $30 pack that gets you into the Alpha, probably crazy to buy into a Beta, but I don’t mind supporting this game at all, everyone should get to play it!


:frowning: i almost had ESO :frowning: but was out DANG IT!!! o well :confused:


Can you let us know if this was completed successfully please?

Also @SteveAdamo what’s our stance on things like this in the future? I would obviously just remind people to be wary of things like this.


Yeah deal is all done and dusted - sent the man the $30 package, so he can enjoy the alpha, and he sent me his account details for ESO


Glad to hear it’s all worked well! I’ll lock this one :slight_smile:

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