Elder Scrolls Online: Recruiting Station

So as you may know, Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is out and purchasable! I have purchased the Game and have enjoyed it so far but I have realised this game is as tough as nails and as terrifying as @Geoffers747! So I want you, Denizens of the Stonehearth Forums to join me in a group and help me explore and quest about the Land of Tamriel!

You may be asking yourself “What role should I fill? Should I be the lovable mage? Or maybe the Pain in the ass Archer?” Well ask no more! Here is a list of who is where and what class.

Tanks- @Newf890 IGN: Newf Race: Khajiit Class: Dragonknight





I am willing to start up a new character in a different Faction if enough people want to play as a different Faction.


To expensive at the moment (just got the new xbox) but if I can I will join as a Archer.

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It is now downloading, 3%…

3000 Years Later


EDIT: After 5 hours. No joke 11%… @Newf was yours this slow?

Yes, It speeds up towards the end

I never played any of the elder scroll games so I’m not sure this one will catch my intrest, besides that I’m not sure if I’m willing to pay the amount they’re asking.

also a bit frightened that I might get too hooked :stuck_out_tongue:

I played Skyrim, and I guess I played it for… 5 hours? :stuck_out_tongue: It didn’t really interest me. Not sure if ESO will, though.
Although I am looking for a new MMO…

The beginning isn’t very good. I started out quite flustered and didn’t know what to do but I made myself try and get my money’s worth and then once I got to level 5/6 everything started becoming much more fun!

Join me and @naturalnuke on a quest! Someday we can create our own guild and own a castle!

I don’t know… I’m currently waiting for Wildstar… :smile:

Damn Wildstar! I think Elder Scrolls Online is not going to get as much players as it should because of Wildstar

I’m not really sure the MMO thing is for me, but I love the storyline, basically a second oblivion crisis from what I understand. I’m basically already married to my skyrim and the last time I played an MMO (Grand Fantasia, I admit it) I lost interest before I got very far, and another scary thing about the game is not the initial fee, I can handle an initial fee, just what scares me is the monthly fee to play. Apart from the need to play and time consuming grind and such, I already decided I’d be a nightblade class that focuses on dps and evasion, as I always do (cubeworldninja4lyfe)

You can always get the pay every 6 months subscription fee which is cheaper than the pay every month and just cancel when you get bored with the title.

I have no joined as a nightblade (I am focusing on archer).

Race:Wood Elf (buff in archery)
Class: Nightblade (archer really)
Name: naturalnuke (of course)
Gender: Female (because why not?)

@naturalnuke What time are you usually on? GMT please, if possible. So we can work out when we can play together.

Also, Do you have the exclusive edition so we can have the rings of Mara and get XP by playing together? (Its fine if you got the standard edition, I did too)

Okay, sorry to say this @Newf but I definitely won’t be getting ESO… :slight_smile:

I have to pay a subscription fee? No thanks.

May I say that Wildstar doesn’t have this, which is why I love it.

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standard and usually about 6-7 or 7-9

@Newf After messing around I figured out that archery sucks, so… yeah.

So do you want to try to meet up tonight? If your on steam we could steam chat.

Pay to play games aren’t really what i am looking for my economy will not survive it :frowning:
I will just sit here and wait for archage if there isn’t anyone here who play guildwars2

just a thought does anyone know if there is an archage thread i couldn’t find it