Northern Alliance- Early Archer Options or alternatives

Ok sooo first I started this thread as a reply to NA Military start. But my suggestion has a different trajectory.

I’ve had a really rough time with the Northern Alliance because I didn’t start w/ an archer-MY GOD, has anyone realized how difficult it is for the NA to develop military troops? You have to level your mason, then level your blacksmith (god-forbid you can’t find adequate ore), and THEN level your carpenter which takes FOREVER!!! Not to mention not having access to a tailor also slows progress because you don’t have access to a farmer ( who has to get to lvl 2) to grow the silkweed weed for the raw materials for tailor so you can make leather, which is what you need for bows. And if all that isn’t enough, you need a fully leveled carpenter in order to access the higher level archer weapons.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving the Northern Alliance and I super like that there are three different races but in my opinion, as a race that’s reliant on stone and masonry, it makes MUCH more since to have the NA be the ones with footman and melee classes and the Ascendancy to be the ones who are archers only. In my mind they are a better fit for the elven race anyways b/c they rely so much on wood and elves are generally associated with wood and bows and arrows.

phooooooooeewwww! Sorry I just got done playing them for the first time (I started with merchant caravan) and I’m at 20 hearthlings and barely able to eak out some archers. I still haven’t gotten my tailor up and running I was just lucky enough to purchase leather from a traveling vendor (who’s only appeared once!!! like…really?/!!!). Idk, it’s been kinda ridiculous. I’m curious if anyone has had a similar experience or a similar take on NA.

That’s my biggest grip with them. Alright, that’s my $5.48

PS- Super sad that the team will be moving on to other projects and that this game will be, for intents and purpose, in maintenance mode. It really is an incredible game and I feel that it’s not quite reached it’s zenith in terms of playability, polish, and potential.