Northern Alliance vanilla templates feel dull?

I have been playing with the Northern Alliance lately, I love their gamestyle and feel. But their vanilla Templates feel VERY underwhelming. The “specialized” workshops are all the same skeleton with different items inside. I was hoping for something a bit more personalized for each job, the way the Blacksmith has a cool two-story house in the Ascendancy. It was pretty dissapointing to see that it’s all the same (which lead me to create my own version of the Blacksmith for the Northern Alliance and upload it to the workshop).

Anybody feel the same?

Never really used any of the templates, but i do agree they are probably the weakest of all the factions.

I think my biggest issue with the NA is they are sort of a Nordic/Viking race yet they are the hardest to get a warrior class going. Were the Vikings known for their archers? Was I asleep that day in history class? I really love the feel of the NA but I think a new class “Hunter” would be better and still let them have a warrior class without progressing an archer to lvl 2 first.

Just seems a little off but still enjoyable.

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