Evolve: Big Alpha PC Giveaway - Open!

I absolutely love this community, and there’s no better way to show my gratitude than to give back!

I’m back again to give out a single Evolve: Big Alpha PC key.


  • Must contain a joke
  • Cannot be a winner of a previous contest hosted by myself
  • First to meet requirements wins

Good luck!

On a completely different note, I love what Radiant has done to Stonehearth! It’s already a must-buy, even if there were no future updates, but can you imagine what it will be like when it’s finally complete?..


I actually have a screenshot of this.

Sorry, couldn’t resist :slight_smile:

Edit: For the record no I’m not entering, it’s not really my kind of game so I’d rather someone who’s more likely to like it gets the prize :slight_smile: .

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Good on you for doing something like this.

I suppose I could get Kraken on a Goliath of an Evolve joke, but I’d have to find the right Support to keep the joke from Assaulting your good senses of humor.

Alright, alright, I’ll stop now.

That did assault our senses of humour so please stop now.

You said it had to be a joke not a joke about evolve so here goes:

If a plane crashed exactly on the border between Mexico and the USA where would you bury the survivors?

Why would you bury the survivors?

It is better in person.

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A wife walks into a bar and sees her husband kissing a girl at a booth. She walks up and says “Who is this?!”

The man says “My cousin?”