Evolve: Big Alpha

I’m wondering who else is going to be joining me in the Big Alpha for Evolve this weekend? In particular, I’m wondering if @SteveAdamo will be joining the hunt?

I signed up for it 3 different times with different referral codes, and now I have an extra 5 steam keys for the game! (Idk how that math worked out…) :wink: So I’ll reserve one of them for @SteveAdamo if he wants one, but the first 4 people to express interest will receive one of my keys! Join the Hunt!

It takes a day or two to get the keys once you sign up, and it saves you the time delay since you just drop the keys into Steam.

EDIT: FYI, the alpha goes live 9:00AM PDT on Halloween and only lasts through Sunday.

EDIT(#2): All keys are handed out. If you want to play, click here and download the curse voip program. They are offering guaranteed access once you sign up.
-Download the program
-Register an account
-Click the “Claim Evolve Key” or something like that
-You’ll get a key in your inbox. (Took a full day to get mine, but they might be handing them out faster now that the alpha is already running for xbox one)


hey there @Axidion … thanks for the offer! :smiley: :+1:

i have a basic working knowledge of the title, based on a couple of videos I’ve seen… looks like a blast! :smile:

i think i can carve out a couple of hours this weekend for some alpha action… :wink:

Alrighty. Mr.Adamo has his. 4 key left for any takers. Just speak up and I’ll PM you.

I’d love to play the game if i could have a key i’d be grateful, But if you’d consider giving me 2 keys @Axidion i’d be forever in your debt i’d like to play with my friend and he doesn’t have one either.

I would love to try the game out! But unfortunately I don’t have any time for it in the oncoming weeks… So I think it’s better in someone else’s hands!

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i have tons of time to play, i just really hope im lucky enough to get a key Crosses Fingers

email: Matthewatoope@gmail.com if you do send me one please send there

That’s a shame! It’s only for the weekend anyway. Sadly it’s not like an open alpha.

Sure thing. I sent you two since this area of the forum is relatively slow and doesn’t get a lot of eyes.

2 left for those who want them.

Hey @Axidion, I’d really love to play Evolve as well. Would be awesome if you could… “borrow” me one of your keys <3

I just PM’d it to you.

1 left for any takers. I hope these are all working… lol it would be a letdown if they aren’t.


I would like the last one :-)?


Woo! All keys are gone! I’ll come back here to post my username once we can play the game and register an account if you guys want to team up. Otherwise, happy hunting!

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I’ll be surely playing this weekend. It’s seems to be an interesting game… :wink:

I’ll join the hunt! I need one more letter.