First Stonehearth Discourse Civ 5 Game

In an attempt to actually get this going here’s a thread dedicated to an async civ 5 game, hopefully the first of many for these forums. Sign up here, it uses your steam account but you’ll need to choose a username for it. Once you’ve done that just say aye here with whatever name you chose and after a bit to let people notice this we’ll start the game.

Now to draw attention to it and remind people here is the list of people with civ 5 BNW+G&K.
@Geoffers747, @Xavion, @Nazgren, @Sidewinder, @ManOfRet, @Newf, @Smokestacks, @Amlin, @zukodark, @Zendorf, @Paranundrox

And vanilla civ 5
@SteveAdamo, @Smith

Two groups so we can get two games going so say whether your up for one or both.

Civ 5 BNW + G&K here as well but i would prefer to just use private messages to set up people on a friends list and go from there safer to me than using a multiplayer bot. no offense I just don’t trust third party apps with credentials from other apps. Its not safe. You never know for sure what they will do with your credentials once they are given.

I’ll add you to the lists, you’ve got the dlc right? Just checking for the lists.

As for whether or not to use gmr, I say use it. It’s been used reliably by thousands of people for the last year and a half or we could manage a hotseat game by finding and emailing the save around every time. Basically it’s proven over time to be trustworthy, they don’t actually have your credentials, it makes the managing of pbem games for civ 5 way, way easier.

For security concerns see here, for more general information on them the faq is here

yep i should have all the dlc

i am also thinking about later for those that want to play Stonehearth via steam as well getting the friend lists set up now just makes things easier for later.

I have Civ V G&K and all the mods, but I’m not really that flexible on ability to game. Just want to put it out there though, in case I’m ever available and someone feels like playing (I am in the Stonehearth Steam group, so I can be found through there)

done as user name xXAmlinXx

Would you be up for this game? You’d just need a few spare minutes a day at most as it just waits for the next person to have a turn before progressing. Not really anytime needed at all. Also by all the mods do you mean DLC+BNW or just DLC?

@Zendorf yeah but there is the steam group remember, as for this game though would you be willing to play?

Also people if you a preferred map type/size/whatever say it, I normally lean towards continents and I was planning on adjusting the size to suit the number of players but there is other options. Maybe you want to try a ring so everyone gets their own island? or a pangaea so we all start on the same one? Maybe you prefer more space to expand or a more cramped game?

G&K and all the DLC, but not BNW (maybe if it goes on sale, but that wont be for a while). I think I’ll sit this one out just so I can see if I’d be able to participate in a future one. (I’d hate to be the one holding everyone else back because I just can’t get online enough).
SO yeah. If you’re doing the delayed game thing, that makes it a lot easier to do it, but I’d rather wait and see if it’d work than jump in and screw everyone else’s game over.

I would like to be put down for the vanilla Civ 5, seeing as I don’t have any of the DLCs. I wanted to join a lot earlier, but with my schedule, I couldn’t sit in front of a computer for 5 hours straight. Unless my schedule permitted it, it which case it would take too long for a game to start… and by the I would go back to the busy busy schedule. But with the program you guys are using, I will finally join. As long as it is okay with you Xavion.

It looks like my name there is zukodark. I may not be so be online before sunday through. If it is happening in this weekend, it is the worst timing for me it could have been as I would be free almost every other weekend in the whole year.

Happens whenever you have free time, that’s the benefit of asynchronous play. So currently including you here’s the state of things

@Amlin, @Xavion, @Zukodark

@Heilari, @Xavion, @Paranundrox

Anyone want to join those lists just say so here. More people would be liked.

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Will you use pitboss, or can you have the game a time that is not that late for European players? It looks I’m around 5 or 6 hours away from America, and if you start it later than 19:00 for you, I will probably not be able to play. I would recommend one of these:

Use pitboss or something like that.
Start earlier than 19:00
Or have both a European and a American game (Probably wont be enough players)

We’d be using gmr preferably which amounts to the civ 4 pbem but it works via the 3rd party service and hotseat, pitboss is possible but it would require someone to keep their computer running civ 5 at all times as they haven’t got servers for it yet. That said are you up for it?

I probably can’t host it. I am now home, and I will be available to play all the next weekends. I might convince my parents to let me play a night, as long as you don’t make it too late. I will try to do whatever I can to play.

The benefit of something like gmr is there is no need for a host like you’d need for pitboss. Would you be able to make enough time for a turn a day? Because that’s what it’s likely to end up as.

Just a heads up to anyone who doesn’t have the game and wants it, or anyone with vanilla who wants to upgrade to the Gold version (so G&K and all non-BNW DLC), its currently on sale for 75% off on Steam, and will be for another 18 hours or so.

Civ 5 vanilla is available free for voting in greenmangamings game of the year stuff here, however it was only while they have copies and it closes in two days so go try if you haven’t got it already. (Technically it’s Civ 5 or Mafia 2 FYI)

Redrawing interest here with the release of the fall patch, tourism is vastly more useful with bonuses to science, trade, diplomacy, and war for having influence on them, commerce got notably redone and a bunch of other more minor changes to policies, germany and japan have been significantly redone, new pantheons, self hostable pitboss servers and a bunch of other stuff.

So come agree to play, we could even try the pitboss stuff if someone had a computer to run it as sadly I don’t but there is still normal games and gmr for a giant one.

@Geoffers747 and @ManOfRet I’m looking at you two in particular here. I’ll just start one in a week with whoever says they’re willing to give people plenty of time but it’s not that hard so just come try people.

Unfortunately I’m really struggling for time at the moment so I’ll count myself out :frowning: sorry!

Ok, so what’s the plan, then? GMR or what? I don’t even know what GMR is… if there’s a link, please post, or give a little other information than just what it does, please.

In the first post of the thread.