Multiplayer Matches


I will be planning different multiplayer meetups for different games.


(Coming whenever its out! seriously though, I just had to put it here.)

Civilization V:

Time: Hopefully sometime next week. (Sept. 14-20)

Planetary Annihilation:

Will plan a match if some poeple on here have the game and would like to play.


Hmm, my main non-MMO multiplayer game ATM is Diablo 3 (though I don’t have any US characters - sorry yanks & canucks :frowning: ). Haven’t really played Minecraft in ages, though that Yogscast Complete Pack (on the AT Launcher) looks interesting, at least with a few tweaks (no world anchor fuel etc principally).


I had a DOTA 2 thread, so if anyone of you wants to party up, just hit me up with a friend request and I’ll accept! :smile:


Unfortunately, I do not have any of these games. Fortunately, I do have several others with multiplayer capabilities!

Steam ID: Sir Cam of Ron (what else?)


Anyone have Civilization V? I left that out of the list.


Yes, I do, and have been looking for an excuse to play it again.


Well, mine is just donwl;oading to my computer. We can set up a time to play. Do you have any expansions? @SirCamOfRon


Yo! I’d love to.

Steam: Retonator

I have all DLC, other than the newer map pack.


dashes into the room. I have Civ 5 as well, do you mind if I join? My Steam is Major Muffin!


YEEEEEEEEESSSSS I’m daisyj201 on Steam as well if you wanna hit me up! And I have both expansion packs and all of the DLC civs.


@SirCamOfRon @ManOfRet @DrWhonow @daisyj201 I have invited you as a friend and also created a group and invited you. We could start the game in 10 minutes if you ALL are ready. I think ot make things less complicated we’ll leave the dlc out of it because I don’t even have it downloaded.


Sorry @Nicedude80, I derped and declined your friend request, would you be so kind as to send it again?


Just saw that, one sec.


I’m afraid your gunna have to frined me. I cant frined you for some reason. My steam is: nicedude80


Alright, give me a sec


@Nicedude80 Can’t play today unfortunately. Hopefully this match isn’t going to be the only time we do this.


Yeah, I can’t play right now, either. I already had something planned with friends. Sorry.

However, I am available to play most of the time.


Civ 5 match? I better buy a case of redbull… haha

I’ve never actually attempted this, but I’ve heard the horror stories. Friends of mine decided to go all out and play a game with a bunch of people and AIs and the game lasted well over 40 hours with conquest being the only chance for victory.


Civ V isn’t for those with low patience lol.


The best way to keep a match from lasting way too long is to have it so everyone takes their turn at the same time (so no consecutive turns) and have a turn timer set as well.