Endless Legend Multiplayer

Hello, one and all, and welcome to another 4X Multiplayer planning thread!

This thread’s topic, instead of Civ V, is Endless Legend, a “sci-fantasy” 4X game based in the Endless Universe (Endless Space, Dungeon of the Endless, etc)! A recent update has allowed the multiplayer function in the game to be used, and while it is a bit unstable at the moment, the Endless team is working hard to get it fixed.

Anyway, I wanted to know if anyone who had Endless Legend would be interested in playing in the next few weeks.

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Well i just got it, and i’m fairly sure another one of my friends got it aswell. I’d be up for it.

Fantastic. Now, before we play, I would suggest setting it to the “beta” option, as that is the updated version of the version that has Multiplayer in it. I think they just pushed Multiplayer to the “stable” branch, as well, but the “beta” version (0.5.6) has several bug fixes involving Multiplayer. Either way, I’m not sure what to expect, but I guess we’ll find out what to do along the way.

Alright, everyone! Endless Legend has just entered the “Beta” release phase! That means that multiplayer is now (mostly) stable, so it’s now possible to actually play together.