Multiplayer problems help plz

Me and two friends have a multiplayer server where we have played for around four hours were the last hour was unplayable because of the slowing down of the game by the civs who are idle 90% of the time while they have enough to do, there is also some lag between commands. on the bottom right I see the ‘‘network send’’ that takes up around 60-65%. all combined we have around 60 civs. what can I do to improve my game?

thank you in advance

I have a 1080gtx G1
Intel i7 67k
20-25 mbs

save, quit, restart it, try again.
beyond that, make sure there is as little as possible AI that tha game needs to handle. enemies beyond the gates? time for some eradication. make sure to store things in boxes, not in storage grounds. roads help. anything to make the game “think” less.

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You need to limit the amount of hearthlings you have and destroy items lying around or have them be in less boxes. I’m in a multiplayer game with exactly 66 hearthlings and it’s working fine but we’ve decided to stop there for the very same reason/problem you’re having. Just keep it in mind the next time you play.

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