Great Deal on Steam: Preordering Agarest: Generations of War

Until October 3rd, you can preorder it for roughly $16. You get the game plus 7 dlc packs free of charge(Only for the preorder afterwards you would have to buy them)!

I’ve read about this on kotaku, it didn’t sound all that loving to be honest. Too much definition on sex appeal of the heroines, as in the devs really wanted to make an h-game but they still wanted the larger market of regular games.

Hmm yeah, it is rated 12. Things have changed since I was 12, apparently.

The combat looks good though? This is the first I’ve heard of this game. I’m glad-ish the DLCs would be free… but I don’t see info on what they are.

The Dlcs are only free with the preorder. I dont know why they havent shared any info on what the dlcs are besides there titles yet.