The Banner Saga release

The banner Saga is being release in about 20 something hours. It is a pretty impressive game; Turn based strategic combat wrapped in an incredibly comprehensive and immersive rpg trek absolutely dripping with style and vikings.

But don’t take my word for it have a look at the trailer or grab the free-to-play multiplayer ‘Factions’ mini-game for free on steam.

I don’t apologise for the overly effusive recommendation, my love of all things norse is well documented and this game sweats and bleeds style and deep lore.

Almost as good as Stonehearth, … almost. :wink:


I’m with you on the shield-wall, brother.

wow, looks great! has this evolved quite a bit since the KS campaign? i certainly looks more refined, but it seems there were entire elements i missed the first time around…

be sure to give us a review! :+1:

looks great indeed. :thumbsup:

Now this definitely looks like something I can get behind!

looks at bank balance

…Maybe in a month or two!

In all seriousness though, let us know your thoughts on it as I’ll definitely look at picking this up at some point :slight_smile:

Will do!

I just fired up the factions free-to-play and oh my goodness I forgot how deep and rich the strategy part was and how incredibly I suck at it.

Endless ranks of warriors I send to Valhalla through my galloping incompetence.

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I’m downloading the free-to-play now, you on Steam?

Send me a friend request, username is Geoffers747, we’ll totally have to battle it out!

I think I’ll have to get in on this as well… prepare, you have 3 hours!

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Just let me know when you are ready, I think I have added you as a friend.

You have indeedy 5 - 10 minutes for download to complete :slight_smile:

Prepare yourself for Monty Pythonesque battles


Prepare yourself to fight against a modern age Augustus Caesar. Prepare yourself to fight against a Millenial rendition of General MacArthur. Prepare yourself, fools, to be destroyed as the enemies of the Mongols were!

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Well that certainly disincentivises me :wink:


i’ll grab the freebie, and we’ll battle… will make you feel loads better about your military prowess… :smile:

I’m on, Steve, and I’m ready to challenge you!

By the way, @TobiasSabathius I sent you a friend request.

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some solid praise:

8/10: The Banner Saga review |

A refreshing take on the tactical RPG with a story every bit as engaging as its combat… a beautiful game filled with ugly choices

8.8/10: The Banner Saga Review - Gaming Nexus

Distinctive writing, nuanced combat and impossibly beautiful art headline The Banner Saga. Strong workmanship went into the character builds. The rethought turn-based tactics are unique and sensible. And I just couldn’t slow down the insistent narrative of this brave world and the bold new legend it’s sewing together.

84: The Banner Saga - Metacritic

Right, I have just finished 3 hrs play and it has not disappointed.

Lovely art, loads of chaps speaking Icelandic at the start. Wonderful voice acting. Lots of decisions, I fear I am leading my people to their doom. My only concern is how long it is hence me stopping now to see if I can string it out for a couple of days.

Also the map and lore are so large and detailed I fully intend to run a role-play campaign there (or at least write a million adventures and populate villages and town but never get 'round to playing it with anyone as is my wont - it just dawned on me that this is novel plotting for people who are afraid of writing a novel)

Anyhooo a good evening, but not for my archers :worried:



wow. I appear to have played through the game already… I have to say my ending was a sad one, but i wont spoil it in case you chose the same path i did. EDIT: I forgot to say, this game is amazing :slight_smile:

Yup, I finished it yesterday and well goodness me, grim and true!
A proper end to a wonderful nordic style saga (and probably just the first chapter in a larger story)

Can’t really fault it other than death coming out of the blue sometimes and it is just fate if you get lucky and dodge it but thats life.

Going back to replay parts, unless anybody fancies a match at factions.


is that the design direction, or a gut reaction? either way, congratulations on your Nordic victory! :smile: