Looking to the Stonehearth community to support my bud

Hey guys - long story short, War of the Vikings (early access) is hosting a contest to see who has the best viking beard. They encouraged theme’d pictures and since my buddies a IRL viking reenactment guy, he jump’d on it. If he wins they are going to add a digital copy of his beard, and give them a copy of the game I believe. I’d give it a shot, but the Army would look down upon it (growing a beard that is).

Looking for some support to check out his work and perhaps give it a thumbs up if they feel its the best of the pictures.


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I’ll be sure to give my vote when I’m on my gaming PC… for the love of all which is cubic I just can’t login on my laptop right now for whatever reason that is…

voted! best of luck to your viking friend! :smile:

Thanks for the support so far guys.

Got my vote :wink:
I wish I was as talented in the manly art of facial hair. All I can manage is a not-so-sexy stubble…