Beards... are awesome

Beards are awesome they need a topic. There needs to be more beard enthusiasts.

I have youtube links and I’m not afraid to use them.

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seems like you might enjoy this thread then… :wink:

not quite the same direction i was heading but at least its a start :stuck_out_tongue:

unfortunately beards are not for for everyone, only men and some very lucky women can have beards.

There are only two kinds of men in this world, men with beards and women.



Hey Amlin - if you’ve got a steam account give this guy a comment and a vote. Its a viking pic of the game War of the Vikings (early access). Hes trying to get the most votes to win… if ya’ think someone else has a better beard then by all means vote for them.

Crap… Steve beat me to it - thanks Steve!

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Oh and i totally voted on the viking guy he has a cool beard and awesome outfit.

I totally wanted to post that one once i got online on my computer myself. Hats off to you!

Also for those born with the deficiency of not being able to grow a beard (yeah those poor fella’s exist :frowning: )

But still beard on the outside ftw

thanks it was the only response to be had.

I know a few of those poor unfortunate souls.

May their chins one day know the warmth and gentle caress of a lengthy full beard.

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ah now there is a beard to aspire too