Evry man in the ascendancy has a beard

I was catching up on livestreams that I’ve missed and have noticed that in one of them tom has changed the data in the “male_x.json” files so that everyone will have a beard, and haven’t change it back. I’ve checked those files on my computer to see if those changes have sneaked into the main branch and have found that they did.

basically all the files are defined like this ([“facial_hair”,“facial_hair”] instad of [“nothing”,“facial_hair”]):

I imagine this bug is quite easy to fix :wink:


Welcome back! (I See you’ve been here before thanks to your profile)

I also noticed it and it really bugged me out

I like beards, but i want some guys to not have them (it actually looks weird with all of them having a beard)


Lol ok i havent See this because i use my lomc Mod xD

I will make it so! Thanks for the report.