Getting to know one another

Hey ya’ll: I get the feeling we already have quite a few regulars on this forum. I consider myself spending wayyyy too much time on here as it is, and I know there are a lot more people than me. BUT! The discussions have all been great and even if we disagree about something we’ve kept it very civil, understanding other people’s points while remaining confident of our own. This might be the first forum I’ve ever been on that didn’t have a single instance of flame.

At any rate, we have a long way between now and release, and as we play the beta and give feedback, I’m sure we’ll continue to discuss how the game can be improved AND what we love about it. Plus, we WILL hit multiplayer, so help me God, and when we do I’m sure we’ll be playing with eachother (I for one know I have some sausages to nom on @Geoffers747 ). Sooooo… I think we should get to know eachother.

HAH! sorry for being so long…

TL;DR: We all seem to be regulars here, so let’s get to know one another!

Just throughout some info you feel is relevant: what games you play, what country you live, your age… don’t make it too personal cause we don’t want @Geoffers747 to attack you with his sausages IRL. :wink:

I’m 22, I study history in college (university to the Brits/Canadians), I’m from the US, and over the last couple months I’ve been playing: The Sims 3, Simcity, Battlefield 3, Tomb Raider, Skyrim, and Trine 2.


Hiya! I’m 31, graduated from Indiana State University with a BS in Journalism. The goal was to become a video game journalist (I was lucky enough to get to do some for my internship) but now I play games and working on a sci-fi novel.

Most recent games have been: Sleeping Dogs (PS3), SimCity (So sad it failed) and StarDrive (PC). I’m also a big fan of table top RPGs and Miniatures like Malifaux and Warhammer.

Also, I’m eagerly awaiting for some Stonehearth Beta (or Alpha if the devs want to be super duper awesome).


hey gang… i’m, … old (we’ll leave it at that), i work for a children’s hospital within the IT organization, and have two small children (5 and 7)… i’ve been playing games for for longer than i care to admit, and most recently i can be found moderating the Timber and Stone forums… :slight_smile:


Kris is here ppl! :smile:
I’m 22 yo from israel. serving at the army for now later gonna go to university

games i play alot would be: Dwarf Fortress(any bay12’ers lurking about?), SC2, some MMOs here and there (EVE for 4y), and most sandbox indie games i could get my hands on, Reus to mention.

I’m looking forward for Stonehearth, its as if someone got into my brain and took everything i liked and compiled it into one game! donated 30$ and trying to get more people to donate too!


Hehe… I am usually the oldest player in any game forum I have ever joined. (68 next month)

I have 4 children (3 of them play online games sometimes with me) and 6 Grand children (and 2 of them play online too)

Enough bragging.


I’m a radioactive goblin, 27, and I enjoy long bubbling nuclear explosions, gamma laced swamp pits, and my fellow goblin faction.


33 this year, from Singapore.

Prefer Games like Dungeon Keeper series, Evil Genius, Civilization series, Simcity (Not the latest atrocity), Diablo 1 & 2, Warcraft series (WoW Addict for 3 yrs), GW2, Theme Hospital, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Shadowrun, MoO series, Wing Commander (Freespace also) & many more.

been looking for a solid good city building game.

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Every time I see the sausages thing mentioned I’m tempted to try and figure out how it started, but then I decide to keep it a mystery.


Seeing as @DAWGaMims has done his damned best to make me sound like some sort of weird sausage loving fiend, here is the [url] context [/url]@AKAtheMilkman!

But down to business, I’m 21 (22 this year), from England and studying Sociology and International Relations at Uni. As for what happens after that, who knows!

Gaming wise I play the majority of things - mostly on the Xbox, but also loving the 3DS at the mo, and of course the indie side of things on the PC.

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Hello guys,

I haven’t posted on here yet, I have just read through the forums a lot, and am really really excited for the game.

I’m a Mechatronic Engineering student in uni in Australia, I have been gaming for years and love complex games what let me think and plan.

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I’m 21, studying Astrophysics at uni (final year gulp), once I’m done with it not really sure what I’m going to be doing.

Gaming-wise I play a lot of different things, though recently it’s mainly been StarDrive, Sins of a Solar Empire, Forged Alliance Forever, Timber and Stone, Dungeons of Dredmor and Kerbal Space Program. So yeah, some games.

As some of you may have seen I’ve been doing some work getting into modelling and animation largely as a result of Stonehearth, which probably isn’t ideal timing with my exams starting in a week but oh well!


Ah man. Everyone here is so much better at life than me.

I’m more known in the stream chat and IRC, doing what I can to keep people informed and collating stream questions. I would be doing the same things in here if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m a bit awkward with Discourse, and that @Geoffers747’s has beaten to me in creating community support topics and answering generic questions. I’m also from England. I am not sure what it is about 8-bit themed civ builders that draw out the Empire in us entirely independently of one another and get us trying to organise you chaps.

Anywho; I’m a freelance games designer, director of a miniatures company, a family law paralegal and part time network security consultant or security officer/stadium steward/CCTV op.

I’ve been gaming for at least since Elite on the BBC, got a lot of love for populous 1-3, civilization, SimCity, Constructor to name a few reasonably relevant to Stonehearth. Roleplay and wargames for at least 25 years, have worked for TSR and PT’d for WotC, helped out at various conventions, tournament organiser and community buider for a wargames company (and became somewhat noted in the UK scene for only ever winning or drawing my games with what was considered the weakest faction~). Huge fighting game fan forevahs and so happy to have yet another bloody game to support other than Mike’s and Keits’.

Come along to the IRC or just be in Twitch chat during streams if you care to see me; otherwise I’ll be sporadic at best.


I’m 29, Software engineer by trade, born and raised in the USA.

Most recently (last 6 months) been playing a lot of Kerbal Space Program, Stardrive, Sword of the Stars and the new X-com.

@Spiku What miniatures company? I also do quite a bit of tabletop wargaming.


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@Geoffers747 You know we love your tasty sausage, even if it is a bit flimsy. :confused:

We have a fairly diverse group!

@Pendryn No one has a better life. Our lives are defined by our interest in Stonehearth. On that part, we are equal.

Cept for @Pepe He’s just already a modding God.

@GammaGoblinz cool cool, so what kind of weapon do you prefer?

Favorite videogame weapon of all time: HE .44 Magnum from the Resistance series… shoot a guy up, kill him, wait for his buddies to swarm past him and hit the detonator!

Seems I am the only German guy around, at least in this thread.

Well… I am a right now 31 years old saber-toothed Tiger-anthro and play mostly games involving building or crafting something or (J)RPG’s and Tactical games.

Depending on Genre and Platform you could divide it like this on my end (with some examples new and old):
Console: JRPG’s (FF-Series, Suikoden-Series and so on), Tactical games (like FF-Tactics, Disgaea, Ogre Tacticts and so on)
PC: RPG’s (Skyrim and similar), Simulations and Strategy/Tactic (Transport Tycoon, Sim City, Sims, Colonization, Civilization, Master of Magic, MoO2, Star Drive, Total War-Series, Dungeon Keeper … guess I could go on there for nearly forever)
Table: Pen&Paper (things like D&D)


Hello, I’m a 15 year old (Who looks like a 19 year old) Swede, I play electric and bass guitar, and I sing, I hope to be in a band in the future. I like old school RPG’s and some modern RPG’s like Skyrim and such. I also like city building games, which we didn’t have many of recent. I really love sandbox games too, though Minecraft is one of the weakest entries into my list. I like GTA games a lot too, which do fit in the sandbox I guess. I don’t FPS too much, probably because of hundreds of FPS, Call Of Duties and so on, it does get a bit old.

Oh, right! And my name’s Valentin.

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@Quel what precisely makes a 15 yr. old look 19? If your swedish, is it hte length of your Thor-like hair?

lol. :slight_smile:

I would think its the Hammer that make you look older.

Well, I’m around 2 meters tall, and I simply grew up faster than the others, I also have long hair, so that might add to my maturity, and my voice is pretty deep too, so I guess that’s why. :stuck_out_tongue: