Getting to know one another

Make that another German guy here, closing in on the age of 40 month by month now.
I am using computers since I could get a hold on a C64= at the tender age of 14, with stubbornness I managed to become a full time coder and jack of all trades IT guy.
But the cause of my fascination with computers always were games.
Elite, Pirates, The Bard’s Tale, Civilization - all fond memories and with the advent of online games everything became so much more intriguing.
Seeing cool games like Minecraft and the many other indie games and also whats happening on Kickstarter is blowing my mind.

I am very happy to be part of this future an I am determined to fully enjoy it :smile:


I must be the only person who HATES minecraft. Absolute BORE. If you like it, fine. I just can’t stand a minute of it.

why, then, do I back Stonehearth? Because there’s actually things to do in Stonehearth. heheh. >.>

I’ve never actually PLAYED minecraft, so I no point of reference for Stonehearth other than it looks amazing!


And this is where we fight. Grab your handbag. It’s on.


Got mine ready:

+2 to defense!

Who uses Bing?!

-10 to intelligence.


Hello from Canada, backed the game soon as I read about it on Kotaku.

Play whatever game I can get my hands on, I give everything a chance. Currently playing the hell out of Monster Hunter 3U, and eargerly awaiting for Last of Us and Tales of Xillia. Of all the genre I play I mostly prefer JRPGs and some strategy games.

My hobbies besides gameing includes target shooting, archery, miniature painting (W40K) also collect some anime figures.

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Hello all the way from Finland over here.

I’m 18 years old and decided to back this project as soon as I read about it and watched the video on Kickstarter. This seems like the kind of game that would fit me perfectly =).

Games that I have enjoyed playing a lot include old school RPG:s (the older the better =P) Total war strategy games, RTS games (although it’s sad they don’t make that many anymore =(). Minecraft is a great game I’ve enjoyed a lot, as well as the dungeon keeper series, populus and so on. Dungeons and dragons are also one all time favorite.

Well you can kind of see that this is the kind of game that would fit me perfectly. =)

Hopefully we manage to hit multiple planes and other more epic stretch goals =)

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US of the A for me. Ya I am a dork, anyways, just turned 26 last week. Graduated in Construction Management with a minor in Business 3 years ago. I used to be a big console gamer growing up and in college, lately I have found myself playing most computer games with my friends around the continent (Diablo 3, Minecraft, Mass Effect 3, Warframe, Don’t Starve, used to play some WoW, looking forward to Elder Scrolls Online, etc…). I have played G.U.R.P.S. (similar to D&D somewhat), since I was 12. Married myself a wife and turned her into a gamer as well. No hope for the future kids :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit - This is my 1st kickstarter that I have ever backed, kinda stoked.


How’d you manage that? I’m currently trying to get my gf into the gaming scene. My current strategy is to start with things she absolutely loves (Mario, The Sims, etc.) and then use those to gradually integrate her into the larger gaming culture. The Sims is a good example, as the announcement of The Sims 4 and my explanation that EA was probably announcing it a month before E3 so that they could get a lot of press during E3 and then I explained to her game release strategies (games like Sims 4 are usually released in Q1 or Q2; those sorts of things). I’m hoping I’m opening up a whole new world to her, but I knkow it’ll take years for me to get her to come around completely.

I started her in Minecraft when we were dating, then moved her into The Sims 2 and 3. Along with teaching her Magic: The Gathering at about the same time as Minecraft. Then when we got engaged, I upped her to WoW with me. Which we occasionally will activate for a couple months to play again then stop for a few months.

Edit - After typing that, I got thinking a bit more about it. I technically started her in simple things like Plants vs Zombies (she already did solitaire and some other card games).

Hello everyone! My name is Aitan Liran. That happens to be Hebrew but if you can’t pronounce that, Ethan does just fine. =]

I’m a gamer at heart but my full time job at a company called Tofutti, prevents me from making my passion into a sad excuse to become lazy and morbidly obese… maybe in another life. But anyways, I am 22 years old, recently married and working my butt off. I do fit in gaming just fine, but it cuts into my sleeping schedule. But hey! you know what they say. I’ll sleep when I’m dead =]


Alright fine, I am a 27 years old Texan. Up until a year ago, I had my dream job, I was the shop foreman/head carpenter for a major player in the Houston theatre scene. Now, I am a powerful gasoline distributor. I man the register like a Captain mans is ship, steering my customers through my mighty lines as one might drive a herd of cattle through a mountain pass. Surely do I mop clean the floors of my empire until they shine like the glass center of Cancri.

In my spare time, of which I seem to have a lot these days, I enjoy playing a variety of games of a variety of genres. I also enjoy long walks on the beach. Actually, no, I don’t. The beach can go to hell with its sand.

This here is my first Kickstarter, and by god so far I think I’ve made the right decision.


@Pendryn new definition to “Porcelain Throne” eh? lol.

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Turning 35 soon, been playing computergames since the age of 8 or so on my commodore C64. I moved on to an Amiga 2000, Amiga 500 and to my first PC eventually. Also, I clearly remember playing with the very first gen Gameboy (the bulky one you needed to hold into the light in just the right angle to see anything :smile:)

On to PC: Lately I’ve been playing Kerbal Space Program specializing in spaceplanes of - let’s say unusual design, Towns, Doom 3, CityXL 2012 and many, many more. God bless Steam :smile:. Edit sais: “Ah yeah, I found Stonehearth on Steam Greenlight, and followed its trail to KS and finally here.”

I put much of this month’s free money into the KS (just look for a titan named “Xandrian”) and am looking forward to seeing this wonderful bucket full of 1’s and 0’s evolve. :grin:

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I wish the KS would run some more time… I could put more money into it as I would have more spare money as well ^^

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Hello! I fairly new to the forums (only found this game last week on kickstarter) but I’m already excited for it! I’m 23 year old graphic design major who is hoping to graduate this winter (fingers crossed). The games I’ve been paying lately are Minecraft, Skyrim, and the Sims 3 as well as revisiting some older games like Crash Bandicoot and Spyro. I hope to get to know you all better in the coming months!

Edit: Oh yes I also play League of Legends!

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Ha! I’m seeing a few German guys in this thread - I bet one of you was the person that commented on my music demo video for Stonehearth? If so…thanks for the nice words!

So let’s see…I’m 27, have a Masters degree in Music Composition, love writing for games and indie films, and I also dabble in programming, game development, pixel art, and web development. Recently I’ve been working on my own games, so sometimes it’s hard to find time to play. But I do play League of Legends and DotA with friends, and also Minecraft and Dwarf Fortress! I have a small YouTube channel for gaming videos which has about 1,000 subscribers.



Well… one would need to know which music demo it would be ^^

The one I posted yesterday :smiley_cat:

1st video here: Music! Nine themes for Stonehearth [New track: What May Come!]