SH Starbound Server

The Official Stonehearth Discourse Starbound Server!

Yes, Discourse now has a Starbound server as well as a Minecraft Server… :slight_smile:

If you are going to play, there are a few rules you’ll need to obey…

  • Don’t bug or annoy others - This is just so we can have a nice community.

  • Don’t destroy or grief others’ creations - It’s just not nice to have your lovely shack get destroyed!

  • Don’t steal from people’s storage - If you know that chest belongs to someone, don’t take! However, I’m sure everyone stores their stuff on their ship anyways.

  • Use your forum name as your character name - Just so people know who is who. Also, if you can, make sure it’s exactly the same. If not, the closest thing possible is advised.

  • Do report any downtime on this topic - I’m not always on, so the first place I will check for any reports is here!

  • Do expect world wipes - Beta is Beta.

Now… after that boring list of rules…

The IP to connect is:

Enjoy playing on the server!

TIP: Store your stuff on your ship. World wipes are frequent.


Gonna join now. Here’s hoping it works!


Thanks! Will absolutely hop on the server this evening… :+1:


Tell me if there is any problems. :tongue:

EDIT: All is working fine! Come join us if you have the game!

Server down @Alfie?

We had a good run!

The server went down? I’ll have to check it… but yes. Tis was a good run!

Edit: I believe my server has just randomly shut down… and everytime I start it up it just shuts down due to an error. I’ll update you all on when it’s back up.


sits glumly on his mass transit ride home

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Poor Steve… hopefully someday I shall get to play with you!

And as I was editing my last post… it went back up! :slight_smile:

It’s alright, it’s crashing a bit, I’m blaming @alfie entirely


I’m working on it! The server has more than enough RAM… I’m blaming the host on this one.

Edit: The control panel has stopped working… Drat.

Edit [2]: And it appears to be back up again! I’m going to have to iron out these crashes if I want to be professional.

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Not sure why @ManOfRet deleted his post … but yes we played together the other day for about 30/40 minutes before I had to go and there was no lag or crashes whatsoever … so not sure, I doubt the latest update would have broken anything?

Might just be some teething problems.

Well I had a server before this one and the update broke everything…

Most likely. I have just purchased this thing!

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Ha very true, I realise how poorly worded that was.

I’ll try and reconnect now, might be a bit vacant for the next 30/40 minutes … how long are you planning to have the server on for?

I’m planning on it being up 24/7 for anyone to join at anytime… but if I goes down while I’m away, then it’d go back up as soon as I get back online.

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@Geoffers747 I’m not really sure what happened there… I guess it was a misclick on my mobile?

Anyway, @Alfie, add me on Steam at Man_Of_Ret so’s we can play together.

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Sure! But, may I add, Steam is not required for us to play together, I believe.

Yes, but it would certainly facilitate communication, etc.

I guess, but I was just making a point. :tongue:

Edit: I’m off for the night. Make sure to report any problems if you’re playing!

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Almost home now… I’ll hop on after dinner gents…

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Errrrr… This must be in the Day Month Year format

I’ll look into getting the starbountness i desire, but it will be a a tough sell with my parents before the holidays.