Starhearth - SH Discourse Starbound Server

Unfortunately, due to lack of funding and personal problems, the server has had to shut down. Sorry!


Entry #004: @Smith put it better, so I’ll just quote him.

Entry #003: Happy new year, Starbounders! I would give everyone a gift… but I don’t have the stuff. Oh well!

Entry #002:So the first problem with the server has been resolved! Make sure you use the port as well in the IP address, otherwise you’ll connect to another server!

Entry #001:We’ve migrated host! Hurrah! Hopefully the days of server overloading and crashing are over!

Changelog for Beta v. Angry Koala:

  • Added skyrails based on Apjjms mod!
  • Added a brand new weather system, moddable weather/new environment effects
  • Hydrophobic objects are destroyed by all liquids
  • Trees can now be planted
  • Critical items stay on the ground longer
  • Some new monster behaviours
  • You must now be orbiting a planet to set it as your home
  • Free teleportation to home planet from ships teleporter
  • add acid rain, meteor showers, water collecting during storms and more
  • made species mods easier to combine with one another
  • add support for keysignature and keysignature changes for the abc system
  • Disable speedlimit for default projectiles to fix inaccurate bullets
  • New craftable turrets based on healthire’s mod
  • You can now land on asteroid fields, based on hints mod
  • Tech now has descriptive instructions
  • Tons of Christmas stuff!!
  • Pos no longer 1 hit kill you
  • You can no longer breath on moons or asteroid fields without the proper equipment
  • Better fix fall damage
  • New barren planets perfect for building
  • Gravity now varies from planet to planet
  • Some planet backgrounds improved
  • Existing biomes can appear with different liquid types
  • You can now craft racial flags, to show you’ve been to a planet
  • NPCs will now switch to melee weapons up close
  • More random encounters
  • Pos can now be captured
  • Wiring station can now be built to access to a ton of different wiring tools
  • fixed mech legs
  • tons of server improvements
  • more

thanks again for offering this service to the community! :+1:

perhaps I’ll actually get around to joining this time… put something on my schedule, won’t you? :wink:


Of course, boss! Anything else while I’m here? :wink:

BIG Problem there:
If I connect to:
there is a guy “Solfish” or something like this he told me that this is the wrong server did I made a mistake?
MP-> Server IP: no PW right?

There shouldn’t be a password, no… Let me go on and test.

He told me that this is his server but who has a Server with the same IP? only IP no account and no PW.

EDIT: I told him that I have the IP from here and that this is a Stonhearth related Server
EDIT2: My ingame name is “MoeBot”

I’m the owner of the server that Moe2212 connected to, and the ip address that is provided here shouldn’t have worked for mine at all. Something weird and not very wonderful is going on…

Hm. Strange. It’s probably because I changed the port of my server so players coming from here could join without having to add a port. I’ll change it back ASAP!

You were “Solefish” (or something like this :blush: )?

Yes, and I’ve just tried the ip on here and it connected me to my own server. Are you hosted by Nitrous networks per chance?

Okay, @Moe2212, could you try joining the server now? I have the console open and I want to see if you’re joining my server or @solarsheep’s…

And yes, I am @solarsheep.

Still wrong Server here!

I’m on Nitrous too, what port are you using for the server?

Edit: The issue has been resolved. Please use the port :21035 at the end of the IP from now on! Thanks!

I am tempted to go on server but…I have other stuff, If you can ‘persuade’ me to come on. Please entice me with your grand ventures within a virtual Galaxy

Great! I’ll go in a few minutes after I heard my NPC’s in Terraria back to their houses!

Herd…Its spelled herd

EDIT: The server is down

Yeah, but I was in a hurry.