[MOD] Starhearth

Starhearth is a star wars mod for Stonehearth that places you as colonist on the outer rim looking for a new start. More to come!


  • New uniforms models.
  • Jawa instead of goblins.

Future Plans
This mod will grow with stonehearth, making use of the new features available with each patch, don’t consider whats here final AT ALL! Future plans include:

-Sith and Jedi

  • Laser weapons (When ranged is introduced)
    -Mercs, smugglers and all sorts of scum and villany
  • And a lot more.

How you can help
Criticize away, all I ask is tell what you would do differently. This includes the models, scope, gameplay, anything just let me know.


Looks neat! :thumbsup:

Can’t wait to see what this becomes

whatever it is it looks cool :slight_smile:

Wow, this is a pretty cool mod. Not my style, but I can tell it will be popular.

Interesting… what is this mod about?

Looks good so far :thumbsup:

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I have no idea what it is, but I must haves it… I must!


A group of citizens has been dispatched to provide resources for the home planet, will you lead them to ruin, independence, or create a new capitol and meet the leader in person, the choice is yours.


You must, must, must have the teleported say “Beam me up, Scotty!” when in use.


First version now up, play it and let me know. I am really interested in feedback on new tree models, I seem to think alien means giant flower.


video is headed your way soon @Wombat85 with commentary for you. there is a lot that could use fixing which is explained in the video but after those great work thus far.
edit: the video with my 1st commentary of stone/star hearth


Thanks for the feedback. Yea its bear at the moment, a lot still to do. Renaming is the top of my list, it also boring as hell so that’s why it hasn’t been done. The floating tress I think I because I rescaled the small treee a little and with the collision it is staking them, will look into it. I agree about the high tech stuff from the carpenter, they are there as a placeholder for now while I work on the new classes.

Does this work with Alpha 5 or 6? Will there be another update?

Probably wont work. Haven’t done anything as I am crazy busy finishing up my senior year of engineering, sorting out grad school and a job ect. I haven’t abandoned the project its just on hold. There will be a release around Christmas that fundamentally changes the direction for the mod so stay tuned.


Never fear this isnt dead, in fact im working right now to make it into a star wars mod. Cant quite get the jawa scale right:


Its the Jawa Titan! Everyone run for your life


Love the idea of starhearth where can i download this angel!:+1:

hmm…i think i made this mod

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whell if you did is there a link for the download couse starwars i realy realy realy realy realy want my hearthlings to wield lightsabers and hoppfully be able to live in side a whole starwars themed biom.

well…i got it on http://praisedb.x10.bz/ it called Spacestuff.still learning how to edit biomes,spawnrate,creature spawning and stuff but school stuff is my first priority right now.

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