Starbound Gaming Thread!

Hello all! I am here again, and in light of Starbound’s recent news of its beta being released in 2 days (December 4, yes), I was calling for an order of organization in regards to us playing together!

In other words, here you can discuss whether you are interested in playing MP, who you want to play with, when, etc.

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i’ll be back here on the 4th! oh wait, thats wednesday… scratch that…

i’ll be back on the 6th! and as soon as i’ve had an hour or two of single play to warm up to the game, i’ll jump into a MP session with some folks…

but not you @ManOfRet… never you… nevar

Too late, Steve Forum Generalommodere Steve, I’ve already set you up on a server. In fact, all you have to do is look behind you…

…and likely see the wall/door/poster? which is located 180 degrees to your rear.

Is the beta coming to Steam this year? Would be quite nice since i don’t have to fiddle around with my payment options!

It sure looks that way, in fact it seems like it’s coming to Steam first:

How will I download the game?​
"Steam keys will be sent out to all pre-order backers via e-mail! We promise a direct download version of the game will be provided as soon as we’re able to efficiently provide it.​"

You can read the FAQ here:

Thanks for the info. I am using mainly steam because it’s a handy way to access your game no matter what :smiley:

Yer it is definitely easier to access everything through Steam!

resistance is futile…

but Starbound should be fun! :smile:

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So, if you’re wondering about release times, Steam keys are being sent out at 10am PST

Also, there’s now an official Beta trailer:


Quite impressive trailer!
And only few hours left for the beta :smiley:

Feels like I’m waiting for years now :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

So 7pm cet … this will be a long long night :grin:

steam keys are going out now… i just snagged mine from HB, but have to wait until this evening before getting a chance to try the game…

have fun folks! :smile:


Also DON’T PANIC if it says you’ve redeemed ‘Steam Sub ####’ (#'s are numbers) the game is in the process of being uploaded:


come on download! :wink: hurry up …

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Woot just activated my key on steam and downloading. I’ve avoided playing Terraria (ever) and I’ve even stopped visiting the Starbound homepage to avoid spoilers almost 6 months ago. I’ve literally prepared for over a year just to play this game :stuck_out_tongue:

What could possibly go wrong with such high expectations? :smiley:

Congratulations on your recent purchase of Starbound! So far, I find it to be rather more entertaining that Terraria.

In other news, if anyone wants to play it with me, add me on Steam at Man_Of_Ret. I’ll get a server up and running at request, you just have to friend me or PM me with Discourse.

Cool I may take you up on that later. I’d have teamed up with Cubeworld but it makes me so motion sick I haven’t played it since the first few days.

I’m still learning the controls of Starbound… just spent 5 minutes yelling at the screen “SO HOW DO I EAT IT!?” which google didn’t even know. Long story short, I ate it.

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just finished the download… will get some single play gaming in tonight, and will try some multiplay this weekend! w00t! :smile:


Like I said, FG, we have the server all ready to go…

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So it’s worth getting? I’ve been unsure myself of whether or not to get but it sounds like it would be good, that and steam seems to be spamming XXX is playing Starbound messages at me.