[Steam Stonehearth] Steam awards

guys vote for stonehearth for the steam awards for the category you think it deserves most

I voted it for the just 5 more minutes award!
also why you are at it, vote for you other games as well, all those developers need some recognition in some sort!


I would vote stonehearth for something, however I am unsure what to put it in since I can’t seem to write a review on the one i selected for that category you have shown in the pic. Stardew Valley. Having trouble actually getting the review writing thing to actual post my review.

All in all though I sure do hope Stonehearth and the one I mentioned do get awards for something. As there are a lot of games out there that grab my attention, or well a hand full that keep my attention to keep coming back like the ones above.

Might have to think of what to label stonehearth with, as the choices they have now… difficult to fit to one of them beyond the one that I already selected a game for. Good to see at least someone has nominated stonehearth for something. :smiley:

I totally agreed with your vote and also voted it for the Just Five More Minutes Award. I know Stonehearth keeps me up all night when I meant to get off in “Just a few minutes” XD.

I didn’t even know about that whole awards thing lol. Glad I saw your post.

Yay! I nominated it for the same category.

It’s also the game I left a review for.