Almost there :D

theoretically, we have about 19 days to release, assuming there is a december 1st release for the playable release :wink:


Or … there’s 50 days until December 31st.

So there’s that :smile:


And based on the feedback from Tom’s last live-stream (if I did get it right), it will be probably somewhere between x-mas and new year.


silence pessimists :stuck_out_tongue: allow me my hope

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I would love it earlier in the month :stuck_out_tongue:

Be on the lookout for @Geoffers747 new title… Crusher of Dreams…


Ah finally, a thread designed for squealing with excitement!


That should do it :pig:

and for the more practical crowd check out @Geoffers747 other book: Crushing Dreams and Lifelong Aspirations for Dummies.


yeah, i suppose we’ll let this one live, and just merge all the upcoming “hai, wherez da game d00d?” threads on the horizon… :smile:


+1 to SteveAdamo (Commander Adamo) for correct usage of t3h 01d5ch001 1337 5p34k.

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To be fair, since they announced there will be a beta release in December I kept telling myself it would be at the end. This means no disappointments for me! muwhahah

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To be more realistic. There are 3 working days between christmas and new year. Not counting the weekend, since I dont received any signals they work on weekends. They also said the did not want to release on december 31. And the familymens they are I doubt they work during christmas.
So I would guess that preview release date is prior to christmas. So december 24 max.
They also said they wanted to get the game to the youtubers which helped during the kickstarter about 1 week earlier.
That means a december 17 preview release date. That would be my guess.

Exactly 5 weeks or 35 days from now. :hammer:
So a release prior to christmas is reasonable and awesome :smiley:


Excellent analysis @Miturion… Seems like a perfectly reasonable set of assumptions… :+1:

Now sit back, and wait for @Geoffers747 to come and dash your dreams against the cold harsh rocks of his reality…


Ow I had not thought about @Geoffers747 :cry:

I’d probably predict at least a day or two earlier just because releasing a game on christmas eve seems a bit nuts both from timing and the fact that whenever they do release they’re likely to get immediately bombarded with bug reports and the like. Sometime in the previous week maybe? Of course they could just ignore the bug reports for a week or so over christmas/new year but that seems a bit stupid.

Mid December would be my guess if I had to, quite possible for it to go either way though.

good point. Let’s give them also some rest after all the bug reports so they dont fall asleep during christmas dinner. Say december 14. :grin:

I think it should be Nov 27 :smiley: Because it’s my birthday and I’m on vacation and will hide in my little gaming room for some days :grin:

I’m fine with December 24 too of course :wink:

A huge factor that will weigh in to when the preview drops, is how we’ll be capturing and reporting bugs…

Really looking forward to what radiant has in mind for this…

I geuss if you open the menu in the game (with esc. or something) there should be a button with “report a bug” and the team gets messages for this. Devided in categories such as priority, kind of bug (graphical, techical etc.)

This is what we used when I was still in Game Design studies

the communities christmas present to radiant should be thousands of bug reports XD

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